Friday, September 14

FF #35

This week I found...

...this beautiful Autumn lane! If this doesn't get you wild for fall then I don't know what will!
Autumn Leaves #autumn #orange

...this relaxed and easy outfit from polvore. I actually like the slight grunge thing going on with the abused jeans and faded scarf. Love the coat too!
Fall Polyvore Outfit

...this image is to hilarious, because its so true! Sorry for those of you who aren't into downton, but for those of you who are you know what I'm talking about!
Downton Abbey Addicts: Downton Abbey Explained

...this wonderful grandpa sweater for the cold weather. I would be so happy for ten of these to wear with leggings and socks in front of the fire all winter long. Can't wait!
Nordic Print Oversized Knitted Jumper found on Polyvore

...this neat idea for a diary! It has two volumes and comes in lots of colors. Great gift, for me! 

...this recipe for cupcakes. Since sometimes all you need is chocolate and peanut butter:)
chocolate peanut butter

...this blanket! Please someone tell me where I can get it? or at least where I can get wool that thick so I can make my Need!

...this amazing amazing looking recipe for creamy broccoli soup. I'm such a huge soup and stew person, I'm so excited to make this!
Creamy Cauliflower Soup

...this fantastic poster print of owls huddled together. makes me go 'aww!' haha
Press Print: Winter
...this cool idea for making chocolate cups for hot chocolate! Better hurry up and drink!haha
Winter mug of hot chocolate

...this whole shot. Love the colors and the eclecticism, maybe for a kids room? its just so fun!
Little yellow unit via

...this picture of freshly picked strawberries. *le sigh* I really will miss summer:(

What are you excited about for this weekend? We have fire wood to collect and chop, and I'm making cinnamon rolls tonight! Yea!

xo, Em

P.S. How do you like my new title header? I'm working on getting things a bit more organized around here:)


  1. Love cinnamon rolls! Come to think of it, it has been forever since last I made some. My grandmother's recipe uses a cake mix which makes them go up real easy. :-)

    YUM! That soup looks delicious! Broccoli is one of my faves... now that we have fresh garden broccoli, I should make a pot. :-)

    That outfit DOES look cute - despite looking like it had a near miss with a shredder. LOL! ;-D

    Oh! And that first photo is STUNNING. My family usually takes a drive to see all the fall colors which means, maybe I'll get some good photos of the gorgeous shades IF the color is vibrant this year.

  2. Hi Emily! I did a my first friday finds this week and thought I would kind of link up with you ;)
    Heres my link:

  3. Spawn of Satan. Bawhahahaha! I love it. And I adore those boots! So stinking cute!

  4. Every one of those things is yummy! Happy Fall! ~ Maureen

  5. How excited are you for season 3 of Downton Abbey? I have watched the promo at least three times, I'm sure! As per usual, loving all the pictures, especially the autumn lane! I'm ready to go for a stroll :)


  6. The hot chocolate cup is an AMAZING idea! It's very true that you would have to drink quickly but if you have some marshmallows and graham crackers near by, you can switch it up to smores pretty quickly ;)

  7. i love this list! the blanket looks perfect, i want i want!

    lindsey louise

  8. Those hot chocolate cups are genius and look so yummy!

    And I love that grandpa sweater!!

  9. I love that outfit [I have a coat and boots almost exactly the same] – the owl necklace is so cute! The sweater would be perfect to curl up in while eating the soup, and chocolate cups [not together :)] and watching Downtown. Great finds! :) x

  10. Awesome post! Do you have the brand/designer details for items in that outfit??