Saturday, September 8

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: enjoyed lots of decadent treats and fresh garden veg(!), ordered the husband some snazzy business cards (and a brand new computer!... that spoiled boy:)), finally received John's announcements in the mail, made some progress on the parlor curtain project (pics to come shortly), had some friends over for funnel cakes, caned 70 bottles of pickles, talk to a busy sister on the phone, did about 142 loads of laundry, scored a bunch of fabulously cheap thrifted beauties, and am currently off with my mother and baby John on a womens 'time-out' road trip for the weekend! Hope all is well with my sweetie and our girls:)
Weekly Snapshots: mini converse, two scoops, hot n steamy, and a spiky 1st place winner.
Next Week: Guess who's hair still hasn't been trimmed... this girls! This putting myself last thing is a great way to make brownie points with the mister, but a horrible way to make sure my hair gets cut.haha Martin's leaving again, but this time for a pitching conference in utah for his novel! *fist pump* As sad as I am to see him go, I couldn't be more proud of him and his successes. Once he gets back though, he's turning around and flying to NYC for more book conferences! And that's when it gets a lot tougher. Wish me luck in the coming week! :) 

Most popular post of the week: again you guys were so sweet on my outfit post! I need to post more pictures of my every-day look, and not just show up on outfit post days so you know its all smoke and mirrors.haha thank you for all the sweetness you shared with me! xo
A Few Facts: 
  •   Currently craving watermelon.haha and citrus. anything and everything citrus flavored. And apple cider, oh and those scones from Jakers:) ... to be continued. 
  • About 5 inches of my hair now sits in my lap like a limp twigs while I type most days. What does it take to get a hair trim around here?!?!
  • Me: "What's a special/fun fact about me hunny?" Martin: "everything about you is fun and special lover..." He's so sweet and helpful wouldn't you say? :)
  • Some of our many dream destinations include Italy, France, Scotland, Iceland, Australia  and Belgium. Basically the whole world.haha
Where is a dream destination or yours?? have a great rest of your weekend!
xo, Emily

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  1. lovely post and nice pics ! and please, post more outfits !!

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  2. SERIOUSLY about the hair trim. Somehow it's always the one thing that gets pushed back on lists, and all of a sudden you practically need a neck brace to hold it up and it looks like doll hair on the ends. Okay maybe it's not QUITE that bad, but still :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. You've been one busy girl! It's so nice that you take it all in stride and make the most of every day. ~ Maureen

  4. Oooh, I'm liking the black and white, especially that cactus picture! And those tiny converses... how cute are they, eek. <3

    Hmm, my dream destination is Ireland or Scotland. Seems like there would be so many photo opportunities.

  5. My grandparents say that New Zealand is fabulous! Wouldn't mind going there! Good luck with the mister being gone! I hate it when my mister man leaves!

    Chevron & Lace

  6. Great pictures. My favorite destinations are Ireland and Hawaii. I have been to Ireland and always wanted to return but haven't yet. Love the beach so I would love to go to Hawaii and do some body surfing is one of my favorite actives.

  7. Great pics :)

  8. Good luck to your dream destinations! Love to go to France and Italy ..well, every girl can dream, right? But next year I hope it's possible for us to have a trip to our neighboring country. Fingers crossed!:)