Friday, September 7

Friday Finds #34 {and the COTM}

Hello hello! Friday again eh? Well today I thought I'd better switch things up a bit so you don't get too comfortable with the same old Fridays around here, so I decided to mix my Friday Finds with my color of the month! 
This month I originally chose a really pretty shade of grey because I've been seeing it around a lot lately in anticipation of fall and all that, but in lue of what '50 shades' has done with over-saturating the internet, I opted to go with my current favorite shade of purplish/pink: Magenta!

This week I found...

...this cute and comfy outfit that mostly embodies just how I dress on most fall days: Jeans, comfy t, cardigan, and a scarf! The rest I can take or leave, but its all cute together isn't it?
Magenta color makes this outfit POP

...this recipe for Blackberry Pie Bars by Pink Parsley. Yummy! tis the season for all kinds of pie if you ask me, and blackberries are still coming off the bushes! 

...this image of Magenta geraniums from tumblr. I know all I talk about is fall coming these days, but I really love spring and summer, and I'm going to miss them:( ....just a little.haha

...this dress by Dorothy Perkins! I love the clean cut look about it, and so sophisticated.
Magenta dress

...this totally mouthwatering lemon raspberry tart from a new foodie I discovered this week. So delicious looking, and so inspiring! Can't wait to mess about with these two ingredients!
lemon raspberry tart guest post 1 of 1 2 Lemon Raspberry Tart | Simple Elegance

...this pair of high high heels by Christian. I know you've probably grown tired of seeing pair after pair, but I'm a little smitten! You will not get an apology.haha

...this gorgeous gorgeous batch of hand-spun merino wool from Etsy. I would love to just go to town with this stuff and whip up a bunch of things for winter... maybe I will! :)
Riff Raff & Magenta Merino Wool yarn

...this neat-o video that I know full well has nothing to do with the color of the month, but since it's in black and white, and its a good song I figured I can add it to the list:)

...this gorgeous bag from so simple, so smart, and just the right size! I've been trying to convince myself to downgrade from my mommy-sized bag to something like this..

...this amazing yarn bombing project by Magda Sayeg. You've got to check out her blog, it is full of some of the funnest and most amazing yarn bombing I've ever seen!

...this beautiful Magenta sunset over the frosted river. Ugh, I love snow! So, I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but when does winter get here? haha 
Magenta Snow-capped Sunset

Have a great day everybody, and check out the sunset tonight! It's gonna be a good one:)
xo, Em


  1. oh my God blackberry pie *__*

  2. OMG. I love this color. It is one of my all time favorites! I definitely love that yarn, and the sunset. :) Happy Friday!

  3. hahahaha! your 50 shades comment made me smile. Yeah, don't wanna get too related to that, huh? ;)

    I'm loving the color you picked! Magenta is so lovely. Those bars look AMAZING (gotta make some berry desserts before it's too late...!) and that bus is so much fun.

  4. I absolutely love this colour! Such great ways to incorporate it into the wardrobe!

  5. Someday, I want to try yarn bombing. It looks so ... amusing. Loving the outfit ensemble :)


  6. Great color. =) Bring on the fall. I just saw that you became a follower of my blog a few months back. I totally appreciate the support and am returning the love. I kinda got away from blogging for quite some time because I was a little discouraged! Thank you!

  7. great burgundy inspiration ! !lovely post !

    XX :: Luba
    Well Living Blog

  8. Love magenta color or anything in pink and fuchsia! The bag is so beautiful!I can't blame you if you purchase it. Will be happy to see "her" in your outfit post one of these days.:)