Wednesday, September 12

its a Little Letters Linkup!

Hey guys! So today is kinda fun. Because I've been bombarded lately with requests to create a link-up, and the most popular request for a particular post to become one has been my little letters posts, I've decided to grant your wishes and create a Little Letters Link-up! Its starting today, and you're the first to know about it! Don't you feel special? :)
So here's how it works: 
Write out your Little Letters post sometime in the next two weeks, also feel free to include a picture of yourself (or anything else really). You can write 20, or you can write 2, and be as creative as you want! heck, I've written to my washing machine so... then its just 1, 2, 3!
#1: Add this Link-up button on your blog somewhere. You've gotta do it kids! Otherwise, your entry will be deleted from the list, and that'll make me sad:(
#2: Just click the blue 'click here to enter' below and add yourself to the list! (If you wanna start doing this regularly, it's probably best to just make a blog label for your Little Letters and link that up. okee doke?
#3: Check the rest of 'em out! Read others letters and make new friends:)

So now go and do it! I mean it. You have no choice in the matter. I can't wait to read yours!!

So to start out, here are mine for today:
Dear Fall, you really are the greatest season for comfy clothes. Can't wait for you to come!
Dear park meal ladies, Thanks for feeding my little girls lunch all summer. Its been a fantastic and unexpected treat to have lunch waiting in the funnest place to play in town:)  
Dear bills, I don't know what I said to make you think that we were friends, but please stop just showing up in my mailbox uninvited. Its a little rude when you think about it...
Dear ymca, thank you for being open so early so I can get my workout in before hubby leaves, however I would appreciate that you lable your lobby door pull instead of push so I can stop running into it like an idiot. thanks:)
Dear life, even though I complain about it on a regular basis, thank you for being so full and busy. Living beautifully is really all its about. 
Sincerly, Emily


  1. super fun!! I'll start thinking about mine...... :)

  2. Such a cute idea, I will definitely try to remember to write my own little letters :D
    I am so happy Fall is here! I cannot wait for the leaves to turn, and to whip out my Fall wardrobe!
    That's neat about the park meal ladies!

  3. Love YMCA they saved our lives due to their summer program for our 10 year old she would have killed us with her boredom LOL this looks like alot of fun, what day will it fall on to link on??? that is a beautiful pic of you, you're so photogenic :))