Tuesday, September 11

Archive Dive: Canning Pickles

     Hello lovelies! Phew, lately its been hard to hear myself think sometimes, and at the same time all I can hear is myself thinking! Martin and I have been planning and talking late into the night, every night, and even though it makes us excited for the future, it also makes it hard to get to sleep! Do you ever have that happen? what am I saying of course you do:)
     One of the things keeping me busy lately is canning! Last year we took on canning for the first time on our own using meat that Martin had shot, and lots of free produce from not only our own garden, but from gracious family members! We had a blast canning many different varieties of pickles, peaches, tomatoes, apples, apple sauce, hamburger, and roast meat. Not to mention the dry packed mixes, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, candies, baking ingredients, and so much more we were able to store in jars.
     We've been enjoying the fruits of last years labors all this year, and look forward to enjoying these yummy treats in the years to come. So I hope you don't mind reading canning recipes and stories off and on for the next little while, because its probably the biggest part of the fall season around here!
     Today instead of re-writing my pickle recipe for you, I've decided to just delve into the archives of this here blog, and share the recipe I posted before the blog was ever public!

If you're interested, you can click any of the pictures, or click here to view the post. 
Have a terrific day, and see ya tomorrow!
xo, Emily

P.S. take a quite moment today to remember September 11th, and the unity we all felt that day. God Bless!


  1. You make it seem so easy and accessible! Maybe I'll give this a shot, finally. I've been meaning to for years- Thanks, Emily :D


  2. i totally LOVE it <3

  3. I can't wait to check out your recipe. I have wanting to try canning and see what great things we can come up with!

  4. Ooo! Thanks for posting! Joe and I have been wanting to make our own pickles for a longggg time. We go through them so fast

  5. I wish my garden had done better this year so I had enough to can. I guess I will just live vicariously thru you.

  6. I love making pickles and canning!! Please share you're secrets!

    Thanks :)

  7. Love this. It reminds me of my grams. Thx for sharing. New follower too. :)

  8. Love pickles! My husband is great in doing his own recipe, I always delighted everytime he makes some for all of us that's why I can relate to this post.

    I love late night talks with hubby and I think that's a great way to talk on things..when it's not busy and all kids are asleep. Love the silence and the serenity.