Wednesday, August 1

Hair Tutorial // The Textured Twisted Crown - Vlog

Morning lovelies, and happy August!! I'm making all sorts of changes around the blog lately, some you may not even know about (cuz I'm pretty sneaky), but for starters today I've posted my first ever video of myself! Unless you're new to my blog, you'll know that I've never really shown myself on video, but now that's all going to change! I'm feeling very brave at the moment:) First this is what I'll be showing you:
I do take a lot of stock in what you readers think and say, and I''ve been getting tons of requests to do a vlog lately, and also there were tons of requests for a tutorial of this hairstyle I wore in an outfit post last month. Today I'm combining them together in a video tutorial for you! Here it is: 
As you can see, this little hairstyle is very quick and easy, and you only need a couple bobby-pins. 
- All your going to do is part your hair from your crown to about right above your ear. 
- Start twisting the hair right at the part forward and then back over itself. 
- Repeat all the way around your hear, tucking excess hair behind your original twist, and pin! 
Hope you enjoyed watching this quick and easy tutorial, and seeing me move for the first time ever! Haha
take care, and come back soon!
xo, Emily


  1. beautiful! you make it look so easy!


  2. I´m going to try it. looks beautiful.. xoxo

  3. you are gorgeous! thank's for tutorial!xxx

  4. Wow, your hair is so long! This would be a perfect style for the renaissance faire coming here soon

  5. This is so so beautiful! wow!
    I'm going to try it!

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  6. Excuse me for not visiting it forever, but my time is short, because the course I am doing.
    I loved the hint!
    I hope you have a great day!! :)

  7. Gorgeous! Love this video - You make this look so simple! Definitely trying it out this weekend! :) You make me want to keep my long hair!!

  8. No fair: You make this look way too easy, girl! LOL! :-)

  9. Went to see a local (live) play this past weekend so I tried this! How easy! (Keeps the hair off your back and out of your face on these hot days.) Love it - yours is much more polished but with practice, hopefully I can perfect it. :-)

    (Only difference for me was I had to pin it all the way around because my hair is so darn thick and it would never hold if I only used a few bobby pins.)

  10. I cannot see the video. "this video is private" it says. heeeelp

  11. Also can't see the video ("this video is private"), and would love to try the style! Help please :)