Monday, July 30

2 months old

Here he is, our growing baby boy! I can't believe that two months ago today he was born. Parents always say that don't they? Maybe because it true:) We really can't believe it. 
We were such a family before with our little girls, but with our first boy a whole new world is open to us now that we never thought of before!
In the short nine weeks that he's been here John has made us forget entirely what life was like as a family of four. He fits so well into our schedule and routine and is the most easy-going baby ever. Everyday he gets stronger, bigger, and sweeter. 
At two months John is:
  • trying out his tongue, and smiling a lot!
  • weighing in at around 13 lbs
  • holding his head up like a champ
  • trying to support his body while standing
  • pulls his pacifier out of his mouth when its time to eat
  • grabs his toes quite a bit
  • hops a bit in his johnny jump-up
  • sleeping 12 hours at night
  • a total snuggler
  • turns his head from side to side, taking everything in
  • sits pretty erect when we support his hips
  • likes pulling my clothes when he's nursing (great when we're in public:))
  • cycles his legs in circles ala Neil
  • loves kisses and cuddles

I'm treasuring the days and nights I have with this growing little one, because even though I love his tiny body curled up against me, his sighs of sleepiness and his little contented grunts during feedings, I can't wait for the baseball mitts hanging in the coat closet, and the forts in the backyard.

Stay small for as long as you want little love, but when you grow, grow tall and strong!
We love you John,
xo, Mum


  1. he's a total cutie - lucky family you guys are!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. He is such a blessing. Beautiful boy!

  3. He is so adorable---I love this little age:) I wanted to let you know that we have a baby week that is going on all week---lots of great posts and giveaways at The Chirping Moms!


  4. Lucky you to have such a perfect little boy! He seems to be racing through infancy so you better grab the moments while they last. ~ Maureen

  5. aww^^ congrats just too sweet and tender!!!

  6. He's such a little cutie!! Love the outfit he's got on :)

  7. lil boys and their mommies nothing better, he is a sweetie for sure love his expressions :)) grandson turned 4 months and he thinks he is a big deal with pulling the pacifier out and then not quite back in LOl the stages are precious ENJOY!

  8. He is adorable! Such a cute post. :D x

  9. Your son is so adorable!<3
    baby grows up really fast! Just a little glimpse of time and soon he's walking on his feet already.
    thank you for the nice comment, you have a great blog! followed you back \:D/

  10. awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Actually, I always wanted to have two boys and a girl, but two girls and one boy is so good as well. You must be really happy!!

  12. Congratulations! He is absolutely adorable, and I love the colors of his eyes! So happy for you!

  13. omg, he is a cutie ! So adorable. Lots of hugs to the little champ !

  14. Can you send some of those 12 hour nights my way? My little angel (devil) is 6 months and still not sleeping through... night one of cry it out was last night... hoping only a few more nights until he "gets it" - wish me luck!

  15. no way do you have 3 kiddos! you look amazing!! your kids are darling, love their hair color, so cute! im so happy you found my blog, cause im really lovin yours, its so fun to read!

  16. 12 hours at night! lucky lady :) My newest babe sleeps just 2 at a time!! Thanks for the kind comment and I will be keeping up with your blog now too :)

  17. omw! he is precious! i'm ur newest follower, thanks for finding my blog and i can't wait to dig in around here!!