Wednesday, May 9

Getting Baby Ready

Hello to all of you savvy readers of LIFE ETC! 
This is Emily’s husband here filling in, giving her a day off.

Call me clingy but I’m always eager for excuses to spend time with Emily.  I’ve had some good reasons lately with this new one on the way.  Our house has been in a bit of a bustle in preparation for baby’s arrival. It has been like Christmas with us pulling out supplies, sorting and planning.  I have to say however that it has been even better than Christmastime, and I am an avid fan, even with the best of them. 
Why better you ask?  Better because there will be more of us.  Our family’s joy is magnified. My mind races forward to all of those seasons, all holidays that we’re to have with this little person.  We’ll get to see the newness and awe through brand new eyes, and like a fire it will warm us and meld us all together for life.

I’m the luckiest man alive to have found Emily and woo her into marrying me.  I get to share in her strengths and talents.  We’ve crossed the threshold of parenthood together.  She’s let me be her beau.  She’s shared with me the unprecedented act of delivering a new baby, and among the most profound and paramount accomplishments that could be carried out is birthing!  Watching her strength is like traveling to the moon and touching the stars.  I am in awe of her.  

I’m a dad of two little daughters.  A son will be new territory for me!  I can’t wait to see this little guy that my sweetheart has been carrying around for all of these months.  It is super easy to forget that she’s pregnant.  She carries on doing so much and is always so up beat that the only real reminder is her lovely rounded belly, and the arms and legs that are kicking around in there.  This guy is going to be VERY active.  He has been the most active of all the kids. I have felt him kickboxing from nearly the beginning, so I expect Em is most anxious to meet him too.

Any day now!

- Martin


  1. My goodness. I am excited for both of you too!
    I love that photo... so precious.
    Yay! For giving Emily a day off (:

  2. How exciting! Congrats can't wait to see the next post of when your little guy arrives! Many blessings to you guys. Take care.

  3. So awesome of you to post for her! And the photo is great. Congrats to both of you!

  4. So sweet of you to post for her! I know you are all so excited...can't wait to start seeing pics!

  5. So exciting :) That photo is the cutest :)

  6. it's so sweet! I can't wait to read new post! You are good people and parents.

  7. What an exciting time! The sneaker picture is adorable! A boy will round out your nice little family.

  8. That shoe size comparison is beyond sweet & so were the words. Enjoy these last moments before baby arrives. :-)

  9. how super adorable is this!!! totally need to frame this.


  10. alright girl! you inspired me just by posting that comment... i wrote down my birth story and posted it (but of course, now feel all insecure about it!)
    love love love!

    (oh and I love that you post mix tapes... I've only done it once, but making them has always been a little passion of mine!)