Friday, May 4

Friday Finds #18

Yesterday we had thunder in the early afternoon while the girls napped. And it was like perfect thunder. You know what I'm talking about, where the sky clouds over but the breeze is warm, and your windows are open because the whole world gets this fantastically clean smell even though no rain is falling. Every room in the house suddenly has this dark cozy sleepy feeling through it, and then the strong thunder rolls. Call me crazy, but I just love it. Those types of thunder storms don't happen here very often weirdly enough, so when it started the hubster and I shut our computers and went outside to star at the sky. 
We than decided that we probably shouldn't let those dark cozy feelings go to waste, so we got back in bed and took a little cuddly snooze. What do you do during thunder storms?

This week I found...

...this amazingly good looking soup, with spinach, tomato, and orzo. Sounds perfect for spring to me!

...these pieces! I'm not so sure about them all together.haha but so many of the indevidual pieces are so fun!
<3 One Love <3
...this neato idea for a  living playhouse!! Wouldn't that be a fun challange for martin...
A Living Playhouse.

...this sweet quilt from etsy. Come soon baby boy!
Sweet baby boy quilt
...I know its bad, but I'm on a peanut butter cup kick right now. Blame it on the baby inside.haha Yum!!
Peanut Butter Cup Pie

...these yellow heels!! Perfect for spring and summer. Yellow doesn't make you look wide like white does, and it makes you look tanner!
Yellow heels

...this beautiful illustration by Megan of Studio M.M.E! She has lots of different artwork, but I particularly love her embroidery kits. So fun!

...this quote from Mary Oliver. Me like:) green pants!! I'm not sure if this is the hottest new thing, and I don't care.haha but I want some. 
mint green pants

...thie recipe for a spring sandwich from I'm gonna have to give this a try soon!

...Mmmm yes please. I would top that off with a good book, and a nice piece of fruit. Have I been good enough for a vacation yet hunny? :)
just to be able to relax here.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!
xo, Emmy


  1. I love the soup, and really everything else! Love your blog and I'm happy to follow you along :)

  2. i thought i was drooling hard over those mint jeans until i saw that spring sandwich. dying. looks amazing. happy friday!

  3. i think the green bottoms are in right now... i totally need to get a pair of jeans in that color!

  4. Maybe I'm just hungry for lunch, but every single food picture up there is making me drool over here! YUM! I'll take them all for lunch please :) hehe

    Happy Friday!
    xo Kayla

  5. I love those pants!

    And that soup looks dee-licious!

    Style to Stage

  6. Food looks delicious, and I love your yellow shoes...great items you found :)

  7. Following back :) THANK U FOR VISITING ME.

  8. fabulous photos! i want that last sandwich... looks so yummmmmmmyy

  9. reading this made me feel very relaxed, for some reason. love your blog!

  10. Those mint green pants are super cute!

  11. Oh the play house, and the shoes, and the beach inspired deck and...

    Following ya from the hoppity hop and I'm so glad I was able to stumble upon your lovely blog, 'cause, well... I love it!!! I'd love it too if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life, one adventure at a time.


  12. I love your friday finds, especially that baby blanket, so cute!

  13. Omg! I love this post, and your blog. That idea for the playhouse is amazing!

    You totally have a new follower!

  14. I am in love with the purse.

  15. That soup looks absolutely delicious and very similar to something I've eaten before; I love Orzo in soups so hopefully I will try that recipe soon!

    --The Chapstick Wrangler