Thursday, May 3

Dandelion Dreams

I was thinking this last week how some people will use any vehicle as an excuse to make dreams and wishes, while others simply don't like to at all. Forget throwing a penny in a fountain, and 11:11, leave out blowing on the birthday candles and shooting stars. Forget dandelions. 
To those people, wishes might seem silly and nonsensical; a passive action to a purposeful life. Why waste time wishing, when you have the power within yourself to make all possibilities, hopes and dreams come true right??  
I can certainly see the truth in that approach to life, especially as an adult with adult responsibilities and pressures weighing down on me every day, but then on the other hand I don't know. 
Maybe it's the little girl within me that gets tingly and excited with I see a blossomed dandelion. Feeling uninhibited, I sit down in the cool grass, pick it's long stem and ponder what wish I may grant with this beautiful weed flower as I hold it delicately between my fingers.  Once my head and my heart have aligned, I close my eyes and blow it a kiss, then watch as all of its seeds  parachute into the wind, carying my wish high in the sky.
I know of course that only I have the power to create my own destiny, but I still make wishes. I still can dream. Because dreaming and wishes can give us hope, and that little bit of what we need to make it come true on our own. Because you never know when eternity is listening in, and when it is, I want the Universe to know exactly what I have in store for it. 

Happy Thursday Everyone.

xo, Emily

P.S. You may want to check out this fun article on how to make your wishes come true. YOu never know right? :)


  1. love that you crossed out weeds!!!!

  2. haha as fun as they are, they are for sure weeds! haha I forgot to mention that I had to go to the mountains to find a dandelion to with on because my hubby has been killing every single one that pops up in the yard! haha

  3. Beautifully written and completely true!

    Style to Stage

  4. You are a great writer! Love the post...
    I always make wishes too, just in case hehe


  5. I'm definitely a wisher for sure :)

    Speaking of dandelions, my puppy likes to attack/eat them. LOL!!

  6. Great message! But I still like wishing just for fun, and for motivation! :) I love that you crossed out weed!

    xo Kayla