Sunday, April 22

Weekend Wrap-Up

This Week: Most of the week has consisted of Martin working all day long on one wonderful task after another while yours truely hobbles around with her right hand constantly on her lower back, moaning about sore hip bones and charlie horses in her legs. Poor man. He's been patient and sweet through it all though, you'd think he's been through this a couple times before (try twice in the last two years.haha) 
Oh and a P.S. Don't ask me why it's taken this long for me to discover martin's side closet. Oversized t-shirt and gym shorts heaven! I've been a good girl and stuck to my rule before Ellie was ever born that I would-not-could-not-never-ever-you-can't-make-me-absolutely-ever wear sweatpants in public while pregnant, but around the house? I've found a serious maternity comfort goldmine on his side of the closet. Serious there is some good comfy junk in that closet people. Just whatever you do try and don't get me confused with him when you stop by, better yet, just call me first:)

Weekly Snapshots: This week has been a terrible week for taking pictures I gotta admit:( I've somehow managed to take pics for the ol' blog however, which I'm glad for or there would be zilch! Anyhoo, here's a couple pictures from this time last year. The day before I went into labor as a matter of fact. Are we sensing de ja vu here?:
Next Week: Things are getting super exciting around here, this last pregnancy stretch. Super. Exciting. Lots to make and cook, and sew, and do! This week though we're going to pick a few days and go off to the family cabin for a little sew/book write/relaxation time. Probably the last trip before this baby boy comes, so we'll have to make the best of it. Also I have another Midwife appointment! Nothing like a good strong heartbeat to let you know things are going good in there. 

Most popular post of the week: my posh faux hawk hair tutorial :)

A Few Facts: 
  • I don't have a single allergy! ...that I'm aware of.
  • Martin is a really fantastic masseuse. I repay him by managing to be showered by the time he gets home. He's so spoiled.
  • I'm currently craving Ritz crackers, cherry tomatoes, arctic circles southwest chicken salad, and strawberries...but not necessarily together, or in that order.
Happy weekend everyone!
Xo, Emmy


  1. in those last years pics you are so skinny everywhere else! Lucky, I love your cravings, i think it is fun to write that stuff down to remember it!

  2. you are the most adorable pregnant chick! love it!! and your tutorial is awesome!

  3. I agree with the top comment! Cute bump!