Saturday, April 21

Friday Finds #17...on Saturday:)

Well hey there peeps! Yesterday was devoted to my birthday boy (and baby girl), so I hope you don't mind getting this weeks Friday Finds post on Saturday! 
I spent a lot of time on the ol' computer this week, meaning lots of time on my pregnant butt, so this weekend is going to be filled with lots of time outside in the forcasted sunshine! You will find me most of the time pushing babies on the swings, pulling the odd weed or two, going for walks, or soaking up rays with my feet propped up... all the while eating grilled yummies and leftover pink lemonade bars:) 
This week I found...

...this fabulously vintage fabric line! *Le sign* I hate selecting something beautiful to make it mine only to see the words 'this item is out of stock' flash in my face. Grrrr....
some of this may need to come live with me.

...this amazing skull artwork that was carved from old software manuels!! I'm not a big skulll person, but the idea is really neat I think.
A Skull of Books sculpture books art anatomy

...these adorable 'hamburger' cupcakes!! I actually had to look closer to realize that they weren't sliders.haha
burger cupcake: a cupcake with a brownie "meat patty" in the middle + frosting.

...these totally adorable and comphy looking braided platforms!! Wow I love that color! I want!
Braided wedges, i want!

...these incredible verticle gardens by Patric Blanc. I'd never even heard of this until recently! Beautiful.

... this new song from the music artist Birdy! Its from the Hunger Games soundtrack for all you fans out there:)

... this galaxy nail tutorial from the lovely Miss Kaylah. Aren't they so neat? I wish I had nails lone enough!!

...this hair. I wouldn't be brave enough to make it permanent, but wouldn't that be fun to have a few colored extensions to make this look? so fun.

... this other video, from Miranda July. There must be something luring about it because I watched it twice in a row! haha

...this inspiring new foodie website, but more specifically this recipe for Chipoltle Sweet Potato Tacos! Mmm...
Chipotle sweet potato black bean tacos.

Well I hope these finds have left you feeling happy and inspired! Thanks for reading today my darlings, and have a fanciful weekend!
Xo, Emmy


  1. Ummmmm, where has this blog been all my life!?!?!? Ok, so I may be getting too excited, but I love it! So glad I found it via the lovely Kaylah :)
    toni xo

  2. I love galaxy nails! One of my friends does it all the time. Hope you've had a great weekend!