Friday, April 20

Thirty Something

     To my Sweetheart,
I am constantly in awe of our life together and how you've truly made me the luckiest girl that ever was. Your faith makes me strong, and your tender love and affection make me feel so whole. You are my greatest friend and sweetest companion, and I love you completely and forever and under any circumstance. 
One year ago today you were holding my hand tightly as I brought our little Sophia into the world. I wish I could top last years birthday present, but for starters (today being your thirty something birthday) I would just like to list of thirty or so somethings that I love about you:

~ I love how you care so gently for things you've planted and get so excited to see them grow.
~ I love your fantastic taste in music.
~ That I can wear me tallest high-heels at 5'9" and you're still taller than me.
~ The way you handle and talk so sweetly to our girls, even when you don't think I'm around.
Your random interpretive dancing to a lame NPR that makes me howl with laughter.
~ Your out-of-this-world cooking. And the way you can just whip up a fantastic dish in no time, without a recipe just blows my mind. 
~ That you always fill up my gas tank for me when you use/drive my car.
~ Your never-ending compliments, especially telling me how gorgeous I am when I wake up in the morning with wrinkly eyes and crazy top knots.
~ The way you hold my hand in the car so yours is on the bottom resting on the hard surface. And that you always give me hand a little squeeze before letting go.~ That you still spank my butt when you pass by.
~ Your incredible sense of direction, and that you try not to laugh when I can't tell if we just turned left or right.
~ That we have matching feet and hands, and that yours make mine look small:)
~ Your sense of style, and how I always have to stop and do a double take when you've gotten ready for an outing or date. (Are you really going out with moi?) 
Your playfulness. I love being silly with you. 
Your hugs, and how when I really need one you know and just fold me in, without a word.
~ The totally hot way you scoop up your guitar and play Simon and Garfunkel.
~ How you watch project runway and don't get annoyed when I pause every ten seconds to talk about an outfit or particular scene.
~ Your ambition, and that you've accomplished so many of your wild and seemingly crazy goals.
~ How excited you get about traveling together, and the stories you tell of where you want to take me.
~ How we are frequently having the very same thoughts. One of us will say aloud what we're thinking and the other will say, "I was just thinking that SAME EXACT thing." We are such an old married couple:)
~ Letting me cut your hair all the time, and telling me it looks great no matter what it really looks like.
~ How 'handy' you are. All the projects you've done around here. You're talents and abilities never cease to amaze me.
The conversations we have and how there are always things you want to show me or tell me about. I love being your best friend.
When you kiss me on the cheek or touch me softly as we pass each other in the kitchen.
~ The way you let me go on and on about blogging or sewing, and actually give good comments and answers so I know that you've been listening to every word.
~ The way we're still holding hands when I wake up in the middle of the night.
~ Getting distracted by your flexing arm muscles while you wave them around trying to explain or talk about something serious.
 How comfortable you manage me make me feel with me body, even when I'm hugely pregnant.
~ How gosh darn hardworking you are all the time, but that you're never too busy to sit and cuddle on the couch with me.
~ Those random text messages I get while you're gone saying sweet nothings.
That you ask my advice on things, and we consult each other on nearly every decision, big or small.
~ The way you love me.

I could of course keep going on forever about the things that I've come to learn and love about you...the things about you that make me happy and proud each day, but above the rest our family is what I'm proud of, and our marriage most of all. 

Happy Birthday to the gentlest and most incredible man I know, and happy birthday to our little Sophie that was born on her daddy's birthday:)
Happy Birthday beautiful man.
Love, Em


  1. Such a sweet post! Happy birthday to your hubby and your little girl.

  2. This is amazing, our hands and feet are the same? cutest! Happy Birthday to your sweet husband and baby!

  3. This is such a cute post! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  4. this was beautiful!
    i swear when i saw the photo, for a second I thought it was from a classic movie. LOVE IT!!!
    you two are gorgeous together

  5. Hi Emily:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award on Grin and Barrett! Check it out and Congratulations!

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett

  6. I get distracted by my husbands arm muscles too. :)
    I love how thoughtful these are. what a lucky man.

  7. Thanks so much, Emily! I fell in love with your blog after reading "Thirty Something" (my man is pretty darn amazing as well, and I'm glad to hear you're happily married. It seems pretty tough to manage nowadays) and all the killer hair tutorials. I've just recently started growing more hair; it's been short for around 5 years now.

    Thanks for the follow back! I look forward to reading about more of your adventures!

  8. Very beautifully written. Liked your blog.

  9. I'm truly touched by the love you two share. Wishing you all the best =)

  10. I was just browsing around your blog sections today and I came across this very post, which made me laugh, made me cry and most of all made me smile.
    And the reason for that is that I am proud and happy to share the same amount of love with my dearest man who is also my dearest friend of all.
    I laughed a lot on the part with the cooking, because I have the very same man here at home. He tends to make all kinds of delicious dishes I just cannot believe how he actually does it! No recipes, no internet, nothing..All in his head ;) And in the end ... Well, I am sure you know how it all ends :D
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life. I am really happy I 'met' your blog and follow it. It makes me feel really comfy and cozy while reading it and it gives me hope that there's good in all of us :)
    Stay safe!
    Best wishes,

  11. I just love your blogs Emily! You are a great inspiration to all the women out there. Kudos from India. :))

  12. I just love your Hair tutorials. you are amazing.

  13. Absolutely beautiful. I have recently found your post about 75 things to keep the spark in your relationship. I've showed hubby and now just sent this one too. You're going to make my amazing marriage even BETTER! Thank You so much!!!