Friday, April 6

Friday Finds #15

Wow, what a fantastic week its been!! I've met so many new and wonderfully sweet ladies, and I'm so excited to follow along with so many of you! There has been so much blog love blowing around here I don't quite know how to take it all in!! You're all so wonderful, and thank you so so much!!! 
On that note:) I'd like to share this week's Friday Finds! You know, my little collection of links to inspiring or fun things from around the internet/blogosphere. I hope you find something to your liking!
This week I found...

...this Jane Eyre hand painted mug is just darling isn't it? The artist has a huge variety and each is so unique and sweet in its own way. I may have to get a whole set!!
Hand Painted Jane Eyre tea cup and saucer, audreyeclectic

...this yummy yummy looking recipe for sweet potato veggie burgers! Yum! I'm not big into avacado with this pregnancy, but normally I'm a huge fan so maybe I'll have to give this a try after he comes?

this gorgeous tutorial for emerald eyes from the gorgeous Keiko Lynn. Where was this on St. Patty's Day!?
Emerald green eyes

...this unique and adorable teacup bookshelf!! from etsy.  isn't it just cute! cute in my girls room:)
Stacked Teacups bookcase, by Scott Blackwell (WoodCurve on Etsy)....Paul must learn how to make ASAP

...this outfit put together on polyvore. I don't know if its the shoes that i love the most, or the shoulder bag, or the jacket, or the...
Twisted Sister

...this recipe for Mini Almond Joy Cheesecake from taste & see. I'm a big lover of almond joy, and cheesecake, so I'm curious to see what they would taste like together!

...the coolest sink in the world!! I would love this in my house, but I guess it doesn't really go with queen anne victorian very well:(
Fish Tank Sink

...these ultra adorable floral heels, just in time for spring!! I only with I could locate the origional source:( Any body have any ideas?
adorable blue floral heels

...this anchor bracelet ...also, from etsy.haha. I love how it seems strong yet delicate at the same time?? 

...and last but not least, this too cute and too festive easter egg nest recipe from the curvy carrot! She's co cleaver isn't she? I bet the girls would have a lot of fun making eating these:)
easy easter recipes

I hope you have a cozy weekend ahead! Maybe we'll get lucky and this wind and rain will go away, but if not, more hot chocolate for me! haha
Look forward to the giveaway winner announcement very soon!

xo, Emmy


  1. I adore this post! So many great finds. I must try those veggie burgers soon! And that sink is ridiculously cool. Happy weekend!

  2. omgosh! there isnt anything i dont like about this post! love love love those floral heels and that tea cup is adorable!!!!!

  3. those heels are so pretty! when you find the original source, would you please share?

    have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Really nice post, so many interesting things :) I love Keiko too :)

  5. Love your finds this week! That veggie burger looks so delicious...I might need to try it soon!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend my dear :)


  6. I love those haystacks!! I saw a recipe for them on another blog I follow, too!

    That sink is super cool, too :)

  7. That mug is darling...AND I just love that outfit. I need.

    Keep Shining,

  8. We definitely need to try the veggie burger my friend!

  9. so I loved the shoes too and looked for them.... they are by office but they were made two years ago and sold out =( the design is "simple minds" and they make it with different patterns now. Chokers made a knockoff a year ago but I haven't found a site still selling them.

    Before you think I'm a freak, I just googled "floral high heels" and the shoes came up immediately haha

  10. haha @grace thank you so much for looking! I tried googling them, but you have a much cooler google I can tell.haha

    I'm glad to see so many of you were inspired!! I want that fishy tank.haha

    Thanks for your comments! I love feedback:)

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    a big kiss
    Miriam stella

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  12. Love that bookshelf! you find the cutest stuff, also those mini egg nests are a perfect sunday treat, thanks for the idea