Saturday, April 7

Weekend Wrap-Up

This Week: What a big week it was! So much has happened, but a few of the biggest things I think was firstly that we got our fence put in! Also we got a very thoughtful and exciting gift for martin's birthday; a water purification system! I got a very special package in the mail! reveal to come soon:) We bought our first yard toys for the kiddies, and last My brothers came for a whole day and helped us finish the yard, meaning that they did project after project! It was a terrific day for outside progress, and I can't wait to share more pictures of the finished product.

Weekly Snapshots: These are from our fence day. We had our first breakfast outside (hence the cinnamon toast face from ellie:)), and than martin got to work on the fence while the rest of us 'observed'.haha It was also Sophie's first encounter with grass on her bare feet, and I have lots of pictures throughout the day of her trying to keep her toes from getting tickled... cracked me up:)
 Weeks Favorite: I'll just leave the explanation blank for today:)
Next Week: Big week! man, every week is big around here.haha Martin and I celebrate our anniversary on wednesday though, so that IS big:) I have a quilt guild meeting which I'm excited about, and lots of fun plans for the blog! Lots of fun and exciting posts, a few changes, and something that's a first for my blog! I'm a little too excited I think:) 

Most popular post of the week: My recipe for Lemon Shortbread Bars takes the cake I think:) 

A Few Facts: 
  • Martin's placed nationally in Ballroom dancing. I know, lucky me:)
  • I played the banjo at one point in my life:)
  • Ellie's favorite treat is cheese sticks and cherry tomatoes.
  • and Sophie's a a full-blown stander now!
What do you have planned in the coming week that gets you excited??
xo, Emily


  1. That last photo is adorable! Happy Easter!

  2. OMG, what a cute baby!
    Wanna have that cute baby! :P

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  3. Love the pictures of Sophie on the grass. So cute! My grand daughter cries if she has to walk on grass or mulch, I dont know what it is. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter.

  4. omgoodness! look at those faces! super cute!!!

  5. Aww, these are such cute photos! Hope you had a lovely Easter xox