Friday, April 13

Friday Finds #16 (ala Mustard)

KA-CHOW I almost forget my color of the month post!! I'm sure you were really concerned, but since I spent almost a week last month wondering if I really had to wait for a new month to do the next color post (I love this color so much right now), I thought that I'd better git-r-done today! I decided that in the interest of space, and time, and the fact that my color of the month posts and my Friday Finds feature were similar, that maybe just this time I could mosh them up into one! 

This week I the color of the month:)...

...this 'craving curry' skirt from Modcloth. Yum! the name only makes me want it all the more. and this dress... Maybe when I have a waistline again huh? haha
via  ,   via

...this fabulous camera bag from Jototes. Lovely! Mustard goes with everything don't you think??
Jo totes- love Betsy in mustard

...this yummy looking recipe for indian chicken curry! Though I can't imagine any chicken curry surpassing my friend Shannon's.haha


...this adorable pair of knitted newborn sockies from etsy. Gets me so excited for baby boy!
Knitted baby socks /Mustard yellow/ sunny yellow

...these strappy and sturdy heels from lulus. Aren't they just cute? I'm trying to stick to 'sturdy' heels while I'm headed towards my ninth month, go me!.haha 
Mustard Yellow & Brown Tween Platform Heels

...this amazing tufted sofa from Anthropologie!! Have I ever told you about my love for everything anthro? *le sigh*
Amazing mustard yellow couch!

......this tutorial on preserving yellow mustart heads. Wow there's something so simple and beautiful about this!

...(even though I cheated a bit with the color) this recipe for orange and strawberry custard. Yummy!


...this gorgeous scrabble tile ring from etsy. Man I just can't stay away from that place! haha Wow though I just love this, don't you?
Mustard Yellow Adjustable Scrabble Tile Ring - The Grand Hall - Nickel Free

...this adorable color scheme for a little boy or girls quilt, depending on the pattern choices. I'm just loving grey with mustard right now!! (especially grey chevron.haha) Thanks a lot Kristy! :)
Little chickens — yellow, mustard and linen quilt

What fun or inspiring links have you come across this week? I'd love to know! Have a terrifically warm and outdoor weekend everyone!

xoxo, Emmy


  1. ! I love mustard (colored things, that is). This post made me an irrational amount of happy. Thanks!

  2. "KA-CHOW" -- that made me laugh!

    Mustard has become one of my favorite colors as well where I am drawn to it pretty much everywhere I go lately.

    You have found so many gorgeous mustard items here and I especially love the dress, the couch, the mustard heads, and the custard looks delicious!

    Thanks oodles for featuring my ring with all your Friday finds! :-D

  3. Oh, mustard is my favorite :) it's perfect. I could definitely use that pretty ModCloth skirt!

  4. that is a beautiful color!
    I like that skirt and dress and those socks hehe

  5. I love this, color of the month post! MMM this color is incredible! I especially love muistard purses and the bay quilt, I want one...a baby that is.

  6. I think I pretty much love EVERYTHING about this post! And I'm totally digging the sofa!

  7. I am loving everything to do with mustard colors this season :) So fun!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I have that camera bag in brown! The mustard is gorgeous though. I love the bag so much, I might have to get it in another color... hmmmm.....