Saturday, April 14


Lately we've had the most beautiful sunny days here. The perfect mix of warm sunshine with a cool fresh breeze that blows just at the moment you need it. The nights are still a little chilly though, and you never know when that really cold frost is going to come along.
So, a little while ago Martin wrote up a few charts, and started a bunch of seeds in a little 'incubator' of sorts just to get a little head-start on our landscape for this year. Its been so fun watching them grow over the past few weeks.
We started out choosing a very wide variety of things including some annuals, some perennials, some herbs and and spices, and the rest flowers. The veggies will come later:)
Aren't they kinda cute? I love sneaking back into the 2nd kitchen and peeking into their little moist hiding place under the warm lamp to see their progress.

What are you watching grow this season? 

Xo, Emmy


  1. a friend of mine used to do this. I always loved looking at them under the light and we would tease him and call them his drugs.
    I want to grown cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Also some zucchini. mmmm.

  2. just thought i'd say, this is the most adorable blog ive come across. thats all. <3

  3. I grow tomatos every year. Every year the chipmunks figure out how to get them!

  4. Such a good idea, where did you get your supplies, i want to be super domestic and cute like you!

  5. So cute! This year I want to start my own little herb garden! I can't wait to have my own produce!!

    xo Kayla