Sunday, March 18

Weekend Wrap-Up

This Week: The biggest event this week was officially moving the last few little tidbits (art, plants, doormats, etc) out of our old house in preparation for the new owners to move on in. It was a big step and very thrilling to be done done!! Although I have to admit I felt a little nostalgic as we walked through the rooms where Ellie had taken her first steps or where martin and I had played board games all night long. It will always be our first house, and where I won't miss it, I was a lucky girl to have such a nice fun place to live in as a blushing bride and than as a first time mom.
Sorry, moving on! :) Also this last week we had our first meals in the back yard this year! Also our second, and our third. So excited spring is here! I made lots and LOTS of plans for the blog, took a billion pictures, had some fun visits with friends, we made homemade ice-cream for the first time (!), cranked out a few more quilts, spent some fun time with my parents, and watched Martin and his new bagpipe band play in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, (The band's only been together for a little over a month!) so proud of them all!

Weekly Snapshots:
Weeks Favorite: Matching babies reading US weekly:)
Next Week: The biggest event is of course Ellie-Bean turning 2 years old on Tuesday!!! So be prepared for a mushy post about how much we love her:) Also we've made plans to go on a little 'Vaca' to the mountains again, if we can get our taxes done in time:} Which will be a fun time to be isolated and work on a lot of sewing projects! I have such big plans for this blog. Life is just oh so good right now!!

Most popular post of the week: My Maiden Braids Hair Tutorial:)

A Few Facts: 
  • One of my eyes is dark brown, and the other light brown.
  • I have 13 siblings
  • Our house was built in 1907!
  • I've had Regina Spektors 'Samson' stuck in my head for days
Hope you have a fun week ahead!
xo, Emily


  1. Samson is such a great song. Love the pics!

  2. great pics! love the babies reading us weekly :)

  3. Matching babies = too cute. =D

  4. great photos, I love the braids with the bangs - gorgeous!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. I love that first picture!!! :)

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I was so dissapointed that we didn't get to hear bagpipes live this past weekend so loved seeing your pics.

  7. You have 13 siblings??!!

    I love men in kilts. :) Makes me miss Scotland so much!

  8. I just found your blog via Skunkboy Creatures and I love it! I'm a new follower!
    If you want to follow me back, I would love it!

  9. That's funny that you have two differently colored eyes. I was actually just reading an article yesterday about a condition called hyperchromia that causes people to have two differently colored eyes. I actually have one green eye and one eye that's three-quarters green and one-quarter solid brown.

  10. you have the coolest. eyes. ever.

    just thought you should know :)

    new follower!

  11. aw thanks Betsy that's so nice to say, and thank you so so much for following!!! So glad to have you!!