Friday, March 16

Friday Finds #12

I really look forward to friday find posts, because I'm so inspired and influenced by so many things lately! Just the right color combination, the right pattern, that special facial expression or outfit. You know, those pictures you see and your mind just says YES! Something about that pictures makes you want to go out and make, creat, or just be. Anyways, here's my list of some of those inspirational items I found this week.
This week I found...

...this beautiful picture of currant berries with a robins egg blue backdrop. My absolute FAVORITE color combo right now. I'm kind of obsessing over it actually.
love red+robin's egg combo! 

...this collection of seashells that sure make me miss the ocean being half an hour from my house:(
beauty of colors in nature 

...this unique pair of street slingbacks from none other than Christian Louboutin. Aren't they just really unique and different, but in a totally wearable way? 

...this set of rainbow pyrex bbowls
colored pyrex 

...this tasty looking apricot tart recipe from the canelle et vanille food blog. Man photos like this just make me so inspired to just go in my kitchen and cook!

...this new aspect of yoga that I've never even heard of; Hanging/Ariel Yoga!! How cool is this? haha Not a possibility while i'm pregnant unfortunately, but maybe I'll have to search this out once I pop huh? :)
Hanging Yoga! 

...this set of false eyelashes with Bows in the corners! From none other than Modcloth, and aren't they cute as a button? Wouldn't you know they're out of stock:(
...this newborn pixie cap from Etsy. Simply adorable isn't it?!? Of course its sold:( But I'm going to try and do this in crochet...
Newborn Pixie Cap 

...this scrumptious recipe for lime grilled kabobs. Mmm! my mouth is actually watering right now...
Key West Grilled Chicken (lime, soy sauce, garlic & honey). 

I hope you've found an item or two that leave you feeling inspired in one way or another. Be sure and check out my other Friday Finds posts for more inspiring collections!

xo, Emmy


  1. Great images... especially the pyrex (my ever growing collection is taking up the house). Just came over after you left a post for me... looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. I want to do arial yoga SO BADLY! That looks AWESOME!

  3. That first picture is so awesome. Fantastic colors.

  4. Oh, if there is a way in this world I would injure myself it would be the yoga. I think I will stick with the downward dog on a mat on the floor.

  5. wonderful post! that hat is super cute!

  6. thanks so much for your comments ladies!

  7. That baby is just too adorable, aww :) And the food, yum.. Great post, you got me inspired! ^^

    - Indie by Heart

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