Thursday, March 15

My Arch Nemesis

Hello everyone! I decided that I'd like to share something about myself today, so to start off I'm just going to say that if I die an untimely unnatural death, it will have something to do with a body of water.
Recently I started thinking about all the times I've seen my life flash before my eyes, and I was actually a little shocked as I started naming them off, and realized that all the near death or physically traumatic experiences I've had in just my twenty something years that have had to do with water.
I've never actually sat and thought about all the times before, but I'd like to take a second now to name a few of these experiences, just so you can see what I'm talking about:
  1. The earliest experience I remember is when I was three, passing out for some reason when I got in the water at a public pool and ending up in the hospital.
  2. When I was about 9, getting my hair caught on handles at the bottom of a pool used for scuba diver training, and ripping out a large chunk of my hair to free myself.
  3. Telling a friend around age ten that I was scared of water as we floated in her pool, only to have her hold my head under to 'help me cure my fear'.
  4. The time I went to a water park with a friend and lost my vision for two hours for some reason after going in swimming.
  5. Getting my foot caught in some roots at the bottom of a lake, in the mountains, at night.
  6. How about the time I got caught in the current and washed down river to the edge of a waterfall only to have my ankle and leg caught in some rocks, than to be suspended at the edge of said waterfall (pillar falls) UPSIDE-DOWN for several minutes with the water rushing over my face.
  7. That moment on my honeymoon on Maui when I saw the shore (and my husband) getting farther and farther away as I swam with all my might to get back, only  to get pulled under again and again.
  8. And there was that time of course getting pulled under and slammed into the sand over and over by waves on the northshore of Oahu. Feeling my body get ripped and tossed around like a ragdoll, knowing that there's not a single thing I can do about it. (We won't go into how the ocean tried to swallow up my bikini top.)
These are mostly off the top of my head. I could go on and on recalling that time with the water-slide or that huge snapping turtle, that day with the tippy canoe, or the leaches episode. The funny thing is that even after all these really bad experiences, I'm still not really afraid of water! I love water and just about all water activities! I'm a little cautious yes, but I don't seem to ever learn I suppose, and I just keep going back for more and more. More tubing, kayaking, swimming, and boating, and yes even more wave jumping on north shore someday perhaps.
Glutton for punishment? I think yes:)

What's something you''re afraid of or have had bad luck with in the past?

Have a lovely lovely day everyone! haha
xo, Emily


  1. I love water too! I am really terrified of small spaces, but I haven't had any near death experiences with them, so there's really no reason!

  2. Oh wow you have every reason to never go near water again! It's awesome that you do though!

  3. I have always loved swimming but when I was 9, I almost drowned in a friend's pool at her birthday party. Last summer my husband and I were going to go scuba diving in Antigua in the middle of the ocean. The water was so choppy that day and the waves had white caps on them. I got in the water, swam to the line, and had a full blown anxiety attack and started bawling uncontrollably til we got back to the shore. I was humiliated as there were 9 year old British kids who successfully completed the dive and were so smug about it.

  4. Wow you have certainly had some traumatic experiences! The one where you were hanging upside down from a waterfall sounds terrifying!! It's great that you still go in water though!!

  5. Good grief! How did you survive the waterfall? I'm pretty sure 7 & 8 never would have happened if my first 6 experiences were that traumatizing!

  6. I'm just now reading this and I have to say that #5 sounds absolutely terrifying! I LOVE water, but swimming at night anywhere kind of intimidates me. Even in a well lit pool haha.