Thursday, March 22

Underwater love

I've decided that I am in the process of expanding my photographic repertoire, and the first way I'm going to do that is by becoming an underwater photographer!!

I know that this may sound a little funny after this post on how water always tries to kill me, but  after seeing all these beautiful images of under art taken by Elena Kalis, I would just love to get myself the equipment to take a few of my own,... even if it means I'll be shooting just my little baby girls legs at the city pool.haha

Here are a few of my favorite images from her website:

You really have to go check out all her work on her website, it's truly beautiful and inspiring. 

I am looking to purchase this awesomely cheap 35mm (film) underwater camera & having it re-sealed by a pro - so it doesn't flood with H2O. I can't afford an underwater housing for a DSLR just yet which I am sure Elena Kalis uses. Future wish list perhaps??
Bleh. I know its just turning spring, and I don't wish the time to go any faster, but I am so looking forward to summer:)

Xo, Emily

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