Friday, March 23

Friday Finds #13

Happy Friday everyone! This week's been so so rushed it feels like, but I'm looking forward to some down time with the sewing machine next week. Here are some super fun and inspiring things I've come across this week. Enjoy!!

This week I found...

...these carved crayons by Diem Chau. what attention to tiny detail!
Crayon sculptures.. yes, someone carved these amazing things in crayon. Jealous.

...this anchor dress from Modcloth. Ever since I was little anchors have had a special meaning of steadfastness so to speak and I just love them! Maybe once I have a waist again I'll be able to fit in it.haha
Give Me Moor Dress- ANCHORS I'm in LOVE

...these yummy yummy looking goat cheese rolls from Ree Drummond. I am so making these!
Goat cheese in dill and paprika--delicious and pretty! 

...this new idea of yarn bowls?! So clever! I'd never heard of these before, but I want one for me!
Yarn Bowl.... for those who love to knit!....@Ann Dobbins! 

...this cupcake ferris wheel from Horchow! I love love this. So cute. Don't you think the cupcakes would taste better if you took one from there?

...these sheer houndstooth tights from Nordstrom. A friend pointed them out to me last week and I knew I had to track them down. Too bad these ones are out of stock, but there are more out there I can feel it! haha
Sheer Houndstooth Tights $10.00 #Nordstrom #Tights #Houndstooth 

...this strawberry rhubarb lemonade from green kitchen sounds and looks so delicious don't you think?
Rhubarb & Strawberry Lemonade 

...this look from Polyvore. I love the natural and organic colors mixed with the hip and trendy pieces. Those heels are my favorite I think... what about you??

...this dandelion print from papermoth on etsy. it just makes me so excited about this weather! Love love this time of year...
Pinned Image 

Hope you have a fun Friday every body! I'm going out for some errands and to enjoy this 70 degree weather with the family! What fun things are you looking forward to this weekend?

Xo, Emily


  1. I adore those crayons!!!! I feel like I need to get in touch with my inner sculptor (whom I'm not even sure exists) and make some....probably not but wouldn't that be cool?!

  2. Cute, Emily!

    That outfit does look nice together, save for the white shorts. =D I never wear anything white (white jeans, skirt or shorts).

    That lemonade = yummy! Looks interesting. ;-D

  3. Everything is really nice, but that dress is perfect :D

  4. Oh I love the yarn bowl -- so cute!

  5. all beautiful! I ned the yarn bowl and I don't even knit!!