Sunday, February 19

soft and striped

Hello dears! Lately I've fallen in love with striped heirloom throws & bedding. They are both masculine & feminine, preppy & rustic - basically perfection. I've been seeing them pop up on websites all around & keep adding them to my decor wish list.Striped Wool Blanket
Rustic Linen Sham

Rustic Linen Blanket
Unfortunately however I always feel like they cost an arm & a leg, the ones pictured above range from $108 - $225 though that's what you get when you are dealing with organic cotton & the softest wool in the world right? Anyone seen some around for a quarter of those prices? I would be so interested to find out! I would love a bunch of these stacked away in my closets and all around my house to cuddle with at a moments notice, wouldn't you?

What costly cravings have you been having lately?
xo, Emmy

P.S.If you're wondering where my usual 'this moment' post is this morning, I'll do a bit more explaining in the next couple of days. Big blog changes mean big post and feature changes too! Look forward to loveliness!


  1. LOVE those! And you're right, I would love to have a few of those in my closet on the top shelf just waiting to pull out & use. However I definitely wouldn't pay that price. I just couldn't!

  2. these are realllllyy cute pillows! Now I want them
    great blog and post

  3. They are gorgeous, but I'm such a cheapskate! Haha! Hope you find some at a better price!

  4. These look so cozy right about now! I need to pick some up with a better price tag...