Saturday, February 18

bits & pieces

{a new Saturday ritual, inspired by bleubird, capturing random moments from the past week}
  1. a relaxing pass-time
  2. squeaky clean
  3. catching the light
  4. a thoughtful gift
  5. the last of the snow
  6. a cozy nap
  7. how all music should be played
  8. a little down time
  9. a yard companion
  10. baby comfort food
I hope you all have a awesome weekend! Exciting things to come next week!
xo, Emily


  1. oh my God! that owl mug are uber cute!! ♡ ㉦ ♡
    anyway, mind to follow each other? ^^


  2. That pasta looks so yummy and tempting! YOu have such a cute blog, i particularly love your banner! I am now a new follower!

  3. I really love these bits & pieces posts.

    And those owl mugs are the CUTEST!

  4. Love it! Now I want pasta. And porch time. And to play my piano.

  5. haha thank you! the mugs came from TJMaxx Rachel, and Bethany you just go get that pasta! :)