Friday, February 17

Friday Finds #8

Another week gone, but with lots and lots to show for it! I've managed to cross off a bunch more on my to-do list than I expected. How has your week gone?
Here is another fun list of things I've come across this past week! I hope you like it!
This week I found... 

...these little kiddie wellies! I've really been starting to fancy the Hunter boots that've been popping up everywhere lately, oh but to have them for the whole family!! 

... this yummy yummy Caprese Salad recipe from one of my favorite food blogs. Doesn't that just make your taste buds tingle??
I love a good balsamic reduction on just about anything, but this looks absolutely delicious!

...helping out my growing like for all things steampunk is this cute little harp necklace! Don't you just love the exposed gears and mechanisms? 
Steampunk Necklace

... this fern painted pillow cover from etsy. I just love the almost indie-styled organic feel to it!
Oblong Linen Cushion Cover with Green Fern Motif

...not like I don't have many many heels, but I don't have a single pair of floral ones like these! I'm just sad the links don't go back to the original location so I can buy me some! 
floral heels

...this colored twill ribbon! Every color just looks so warm and fun! Hmm...
Twill Ribbon

...this pie which makes me so excited for the fourth of July! I'm gonna make this pie just you wait, and its going to be delicious:)
As American as cherry (and blueberry) pie!

...this poster. I'm not a huge Facebook-er, what with everything else I've gotten myself into, but this just made me smile.
Pinned Image

...this quilt pattern that I really wanna tackle now! But, I guess I'll just add it to the ol' to-sew list:(
Hope Valley quilt.

...this cute picture of a Micky Mouse clad kiddo from the 30s or so. I really wanna try and make that bunny!
someone's kooky old family photo makes the tumblr rounds again (probably pinned before by someone, but how on earth to search?)

Also I stumbled upon and become a quick fan of Bob Acri! I've just loved listening to his slow jazz while cooking or computer-ing this week, so relaxing... and we watched two very low budget movies, which were so bad I won't even tell you what they were.haha 



  1. Hi!

    In the last picture (the one with the cute kid) it says: "To my grandparents and my uncles with love, Paquito"


  2. Love that necklace and those shoes! You have a lovely blog. I am a new follower. Would love you to check out my blog and follow me back :D

  3. Love that quilt. And those shoes. And the I Like You image. And that pie looks amazeballs, though I would go strawberry rather than blueberry myself.

  4. thank you ladies!
    to glamournviolence, thank you! I was wondering what it said!

  5. I am so starting to love the Hunter boots too! How cute though for the whole family!