Monday, October 17

15 signs of the new season

  1. Spotting the first red leaf among the others.
  2. Cravings for egg nog, fudge, cider, and other holiday goodies.
  3. New reading material. I always find more time to read when its chilly outside.
  4. Getting darker earlier in the day.
  5. Last of the vegetable's out of the gardens.
  6. Playing footsie with the Mr. more often before bed.
  7. Coat weather. an easy one. when you have to wear a coat in the middle of the afternoon...
  8. Starting to wear socks. You know its really cold when i put on socks. I'm the bare foot queen:)
  9. Canning, bottling, dehydrating, juicing, and any other type of preserving going on.
  10. Lazier. Its harder to get out of a cozy bed when the weather gets chilly.
  11. The crunch of the dry falling leaves under our feet. again, an easy one.
  12. Ellie's hair starting to blend into the back yard.
  13. Sewing last minute costumes before the parties begin. Not usually one for procrastination.
  14. Breaking out the teapot for some nice warm herbalness on those chilly mornings.
  15. Spending a lot of time outside while the glorious weather lasts. 
xo, Emily

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