Monday, October 17

around here lately

Hello my dears! This past weekend was a little crazy, but was also all around pretty darn amazing. We spent it with family and friends, listening to good music, getting a HUGE amount of housework done yea ( and Martin brought a HUGE amount of elk home to bottle and freeze - awesome), enjoying the chilly weather onslaught, eating yummy food, long talks and long walks, and rather enjoying every minute of it. Also i major plus was that i finally bought my solo Y membership! So Shannon and i started this week out right didn't we!? heck yes we did:) also, this morning eleanor ate nearly 3 bowls of rice chrispies (her favorite) all by herself, with not a one on the floor. She was very maticulous about keeping them off her chin aswell, it was super cute.
*Sigh* This fall is going to be magical. Ever since we've moved into this house (which is almost a year ago here quite soon) every approaching holiday fills the whole house with excitement and wonder at the prospects of newly made traditions and moments about to be enjoyed. Speaking of which, can't wait for Halloween!
here are a couple pretty things from this last week. enjoy...

loving this pretty little swimsuit:

and these pretty yummy looking doughnuts. yum
Picture 6

Hope your week is going spankingly well!
xo, Emily

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