Wednesday, September 7

Autumn Inspirations

As my favorite season is now upon us, I find myself constantly looking for classy and cleaver ways to decorate, delicious treats to try, things I can sew and make or buy to keep us dry and warm, and to make this season one to remember. And considering that the last two were spent in limbo, the first in traveling, and the second in-between houses and renovations, I feel justified in dreaming.
When I think of fall, the first thing I think of is winter actually.haha but a few other things that come to mind are big baggy sweaters, dancing flames in a fireplace, decorating, floppy beanie hats, family get togethers, lots and lots of color, long curly hair, late sleep-ins, cold-nosed kisses, costumes, umbrellas, knee-high boots, cuddles under cozy quilts, and hot chocolate.
Here are a few pictures of some things I’ve come across via my pinterest that just make me all warm and cozy inside, and get me so excited for the whole atmosphere that is the season of blessed Autumn:

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