Thursday, September 8

today i will...

  • Workout with my buddy.

  • Make some brownies. just because.

  • Help Ellie say the letter ‘F’.

  • Scrub the milk droplets from off the stairs.

  • Collect all the garbage from around the house.

  • Make a carrot cake for a BBQ tonight.

  • Drop off another quilt package at the post office.

  • Play in the backyard with my baby girls.

  • Put them both down for a nap.

  • Watch The Royal Tenenbaums while I fold laundry.

  • Wash some more, and fold that too.

  • Talk to my sister on the phone.

  • Go visit my friend and share my brownies. yum:)

  • Mow the lawn.

  • Take a shower.

  • Go over for the BBQ and have a yummy time.

  • Possibly get in a new Dr. Who episode.

  • Cuddle with my guys before bed.

  • hope you have a great thursday!

    P.S. out of principle I cannot recommend this video to anyone because of certain content that does not follow directly in line with the code of values we live by:) however, here’s a little clip from the beginning of the movie to let you see why it’s strangly enjoyable to watch every now and again:

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