Monday, August 1

Its what i do

as a wifey and mommy, my list of Daily Do’s include:
cooking things
watering things al kinds of things
dusting things
wiping down lots of things
stacking things
wrapping up things
mailing things
sewing things
washing things
putting lids on things
brushing things
printing and scanning things
picking up things
changing things (diapers galore lemme tell ya)
kissing things
sweeping up things
folding things
and reading things
… to name a few I assure you:)
you know whats funny? I love every single minute of it. today I’ve been a little under the weather so to speak lately, but I can’t let that slow me down, because I’m looking forward to a date night with Mr. Meyers, and I still have oodles of things to do! wish me luck:)
Happy weekend!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm learning to love doing things for my family, even the hard things when I'm tired and need a rest. Thank you for being an inspiration.