Monday, August 1

Starting out, again

Boy do i feel brave today!
You see, i’ve been a blogger in secret since 2006 when i started my first blog to post pictures and stories of my day to day life. Since than i've had off and on jobs, got hitched to the most patient and handsome man in the world, moved house a few times and ended up in our dream house, had two beautiful little girls one right after the other, and made some amazing leaps forward in my opinion concerning my creativity, photography, homemaking skills, cooking, parenting tactics, all-around housewifeness, and personal style. All during that time I felt like i needed to make my blog public so as to share my ideas and insite to anyone out there that might be interested in anyway, but i suppose the problem remained that (as many of you i’m sure) i'm not one who likes to set myself up for failure or critique, which in some ways is exactly what posting a journal of your life to all the internet using world highly involves. So why am i doing this? Well i made a compremise; i decided to start fresh. New. New blog, new ideas, because really looking back on my old archives, i’m really a new me in a lot of ways. So here you go! Here’s to starting out… again:)

In following this blog, you’ll be able to brouse through my space to talk about everything and anything i wish, from my happy moments to those sad ones, recipes, photography, crafts and DIY projects, anything and everything family oriented, everything natural and healthy, writing, reviews, goals, dreams, and so much more that makes me who i am.  And since i’m the voice for the family on this thing, welcome to our life here on the avenues!

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