Saturday, August 6

Big changes

I just wrote this post out, and then the it was gone! *snap* like that! oh well, starting over:)
I’m feeling fantastic this monday afternoon! i finally broke down and typed out a chore chart for myself. phew! i don’t know why it was so long in coming, but with the move to a bigger place and what with the upgrade to two little chicklets (my beautiful girls), its deffinatly been more needed now that ever! well here it is:

I think its pretty self explanatory, and it was oh so easy to write out!! all I did was write out a list of the chores that absolutely needed doing every week, and then divided them up to make the loads fairly even monday through friday. I keep thinking of more things I want to add, but still even with the added things, it makes the load feel so much lighter when I can look at the chores for the day and feel good about what I’m getting done. I don’t know how I ever managed! in the past I would simply write up about a mile long list on sunday night for the following week, and then as the week progressed the undone things would get moved from monday to Tuesday and so on till I would get to the end of the week and have to start over, with chores still waiting to get done from the week before! everytime i would even cook a nice meal i felt like i was being selfish to cook (because i Love to cook) when i should be doing housework.haha I felt so overwhelmed, like I could never catch up! well, with this little list, I can usually get the few chores done for the day before lunch, than the rest of the day is for me!! well, when I say that I mean for the kids and martin:) phew do I ever feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders!
I hope this inspires some of you out there to make a chore chart of your own and start getting ahead! because it feels amazing:)

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