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  1. Hi Emily!!

    I'm a journalist from Brazilian's website DaquiDali (www.daquidali.com.br) and I just loved your hairstyles! I wanted to know if I can use one of your tutorials in our website, linked to yours.

    Please let me know if it's ok.

    Kisses and congrats!!

  2. Is your hair natural? or colored? you have amazing hair!! lol

  3. Hey there! can you please tell us about the color and the brand of red lipstick you use? Love your tutorials :D

  4. Hello there! I just recently found your website and as a fellow ginger I am thrilled to have a reference for hair/makeup/clothes etc. Would you please do a tutorial on your every day makeup routine? Your eye makeup always looks fantastic and I would love to learn how to replicate it! Also, the colors you use for lipstick, eyes, etc. Thank you!!