Wednesday, July 3

♡ F O U R ♡

Jumper and blouse by Hum Stitchery for Salt & Honey Market
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      I'm so obsessed with this little lady! Evie's actual birthday was about a week ago, but we celebrated her through the whole month of June and even into July!:) Birthday month is one of our favorite traditions in our home that we've been doing for a few years now, mostly because we have just one birthday a month, we started extending birth-DAYS and increasing all the fun over their whole birthday month! We have multiple celebrations so different friends and family members can be there, we give the birthday child extra special treatment, we give little surprises throughout the month, and every fun activity we do is in honor of them that month. It drags out the excitement and the joy so much more than if it was just on one day, and the kids think it's the best thing in the world.

          To our little Evie-girl,

     I can't believe you're 4 years old! You've been through so much in your little lifetime without even realizing it, but you also don't know the amazing impact your sweet smile and little red curls (and your eyebrows:)) have had on so many, most of all on me. You were my comfort before you were born, giving me little kicks right when I was feeling so lost and alone, and you brought so much clarity and perspective to our family when you were finally born (2 and 1/2 weeks late), and the light and love you exude every day since are a testament to me that our efforts to have a love-centered home are succeeding. 

     You are SO smart and tough, SO kind, SO beautiful, and you bring SO much joy and endless smiles to anyone and everyone who comes in contact with you (although we do need to work on stranger danger). You make us all so proud baby girl! 
         Happy Happy Birthday my sweet Evelyn ♡♡
                Love Mama


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