Monday, June 10


Hey gang! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

      With Father's Day coming up soon and dads already being celebrated in different ways I thought it'd be the perfect time to partner with Pampers in sharing about an awesome new initiative they're doing to support all the hands-on dads out there!

      Gender roles are changing, and in this day in age with so many stay-at-home moms picking up side-hustles and earning money for their families (blogging, essential oils, photography, makeup, press-on nails, etc, etc, ) more and more fathers are sharing in greater responsibilities with the home and children, with many choosing to stay at home full-time(when it's right for their family). We love the change and so does Pampers, that's why with only 1 in 10 men's restrooms being equipt with changing tables, Pampers is partnering with Koala Kare to provide 5,000 changing tables for men's restrooms by 2021, so more dads and babies can #LoveTheChange together when they're out and about! 

      Working primarily online like we do, we meet and interact with many other husband and wife teams like ours that work together to balance and juggle the home and kids and business, which we think is awesome! Even though we know that it's not what every home wants or can manage, it often seems so natural and common for us that we're usually surprised whenever people ask if Richard is going to 'babysit' the kids while I go to a conference, or when Richard is asked what he does for work but not me. We're proud to tell them that we work from home together, even though mothers are often shamed for choosing to work and dads are guilted for being at home. It's time to recognize the change and celebrate it:)

      It's time to give dads credit for being dads, and not babysitters.

      It's time to celebrate dads being able to spend more time with their children, and we love that Pampers is giving so much to advocate for just that. Personally, I think it's funny to hear about all the creative places Richard's had to change the babies diaper when he's out running errands or doing activities with all the kids, but it'd be pretty great if it wasn't necessary don't you think?

     Richard does most of the diaper changing around here, but he never complains and just says that it's a special bonding time for It's always a challenge to keep Alice from getting distracted and from emptying every wipe pack she can find. It's really her favorite thing in the world, so I loved capturing a bit of that in these photos and in the short video that you can watch on my IG stories. I really appreciate that he has a different activity for each of the children that they just can't wait to do with him whenever they get the chance. 
      In wrapping up I'd love to hear of any special dad/child bonding moments you'd care to share? I personally have fond memories of my dad brushing my hair before bed that always make me smile:)

      Take care, and have a great rest of your week!


  1. Here in New Zealand most malls have a family bathroom option next to the mens and womens bathrooms, with single toilet and changing station so mums or dads can use it confidently.

  2. That would be so great to have changing rooms in men's bathrooms as well. I cannot imagine how much of a hassle it is for dad's when they need to change a diaper out and about.