Wednesday, November 14

Little Miss 5-year-old

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wearing: Lydia's whole outfit is from Target kids, and my dress is from Bohme
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She had her birthday last week on the 6th, but the treats and gifts and special little family activities kept going for the rest of the week or so like they normally do, and she certainly deserved it!

I tell ya, I never knew that I could feel so much joy from simply watching another person experience it, but it's my greatest gift as a parent I think, and my heart was so happy seeing Lydia's excitement as she enjoyed every big and little thing we did to celebrate her and her big day.


     I never want to forget the shy smiles you always give and your little giggle that is almost too perfect to be real. The day you were born was a day I'll never forget. Even though you already had 3 older siblings, it felt like a fresh new beginning to for me as well to hold you in my arms and imagine who you would become as I watched you grow. My heart is forever coated in an extra layer of happiness because you are mine.

     You're the only baby I've ever had who has used the pouting lip, and you do it so well! haha It's hard to keep a straight face when I'm trying to explain or teach something very serious to you when you've made a mistake, but oh how I love teaching you and being taught by you. Yes, you teach ME! We do have our little struggles here and there, but no matter how sneaky you may be sometimes, you always have a pure and bright heart through it all, and everything in my life is sweeter because you are my daughter.

     You are precious in every way, you are a little ray of sunshine no matter the weather, and you are a wonderful little and big sister to your siblings. You're blessed to have your daddy in heaven watching over you, and a bonus daddy here at home who guides and protects you and loves you so so much.

     I can't wait to watch you this next year and see where you go, and I hope you'll let me hold your hand through it all. <3 and="" back="" darlin="" i="" little="" love="" moon="" nbsp="" p="" the="" to="" you="">
                    Love Mama


  1. I´m looking to your Blog and my little 3-years old girl says: Ohhhh, this girl has a realy beautiful mom, like a princess with the long hair ... :-)
    Greets from Germany,
    Tina & Anni

  2. She looks so much like Martin it is uncanny!