Monday, November 6

Happy Birthday Lil' Darlin'

     Well, I never really know how I'm supposed, to sum up my love and pride for one of my babies in these birthday posts, so a few lines will have to do:)

     My fiery-haired Lydia turned four, and I am really excited about this next year for her. Her voice is still as high-pitched and soft as ever, and she tells me every day how much longer and prettier her hair got while she was sleeping:) She is definitely the girliest out of all the children, and loves to dance around the house singing her own made-up songs.

     Whenever I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says "a nurse or a pwincess." haha and the way her whole body shakes when she is excited will always make me laugh.

     Richard and I took her out on the traditional date all by herself, and after lunch and a few fun errands, we had Martin's family over for some cake and games. She blew out each candle one at a time and wished out loud that she could be a princess:)

     There are so many things that I want to pass onto her, but I want to share it in a letter to all my girls. Having my 5th daughter on the way is pretty daunting in some ways, but I also feel so excited about the kind of warrior women that I can send out into the world when the time is right.

     We love you so much miss Lydi-girl!! You are such a sweet little light in our lives and I hope that you never lose your forgiving and kind spirit.

Happy Birthday lil' darlin',
    Love Mama


  1. sooo cute and adorable! Happy birthday! :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. Such a little beauty 😍 Happy Birthday Lydia🎉🎉🎉

  3. Oh, she is absolutely ADORABLE! Happy Birthday darling girl!!

  4. That second to last picture is my favorite. She looks SO MUCH like you in it :)