Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween, Twenty-Seventeen

                            HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

     This has been one of my favorite holidays to prepare for ever since I can remember, but it really does get more fun every year as the kids get older. 

     It was Evie's first real Halloween experience, walking up to the door herself and saying "Tick a teat!", and getting to sit and enjoy her hard-earned candy at the end of the night.

     All of the kids were so proud of their costumes and told everyone who would listen what they were going to be leading up to the holiday, which was great for me as I love having a family theme! As I spent time with each of the kiddos planning and executing their costumes, I just couldn't get over how cute they turned out! I mean I know I'm their mama, but they've got to be the sweetest Harry Potter crew ever.haha

Oldest to youngest we have:
Richard: A Deatheater
Me: Bellatrix Lestrange
Ellie: Luna Lovegood
Sophie: Hermione Granger
John: Harry Potter
Lydia: The portrait of the fat lady :)
Evie: Professor Trelawney

     This was the first time in a few years that I've been able to get out my sewing machine and put my fingers to work for the costumes, and it felt pretty good:) I was literally sewing up seams and such up until it was time to leave, but hey, baby-steps right? haha

    I hope you had a wonderful day with your favorite people and with plenty of yummy treats,



  1. Lydia on 3rd picture! Similar to you, Emily! :D <3

  2. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I saw it on the Instagram and I was in love! I love Harry Potter!

  3. I think Evie's is my favorite... but they're all so cute!!! :) Love this family costume!!

  4. You're right, they are the cutest! You guys look all very nice!