Sunday, June 11


     This Week: It feels like it's been a while since I've done one of these, so thank you for sharing in this special occasion with me:) This week was mostly filled with lots of work, with deadlines making me anxious while the piles of laundry got higher and higher. The kind of work week where my laptop was always close at hand and would be tucked under my arm when I went from room to room and outside and back in, following the kids around. It's been interesting having them all home from school and thinking of all the ways to keep them entertained and occupied and learning and not fighting.haha I really feeling like this is the first Summer that we're going to be able to go places and do things together, where they're old enough to actually hold onto some of the memories. I'm trying not to put pressure on us as a family by making big goal lists, so we're not planning specifics but definitely hoping for lots of hikes, road trips, swimming, camping, pizza, star-gazing, and sleeping in our hammocks. Richard hung a couple of them up in the shade trees in the yard and the kids were in heaven. They occupied themselves with them for hours, and it was so fun to look out the kitchen window and see Ellie and John swinging in one, and Sophie laying between Lydia and Evie in the other, and to hear their giggles through the open window. 

     There was real heat this week, and then a couple days that got wet and chilly, enough to make me light a fire and pass around some hot chocolate. I've had Ellie reading to the kids here and there to help her practice and to give me some calm so I can do some yoga. I've been doing it for 15 years or so, but I've never set goals for flexibility or kept any sort of schedule or consistency. I decided to try adding that to my daily routine to aid in meditation and to help calm my anxiety, and I've been blown away at how much it does for me mentally, I'm addicted now. I want to write a post specifically talking about this, so I'll stop here with the yoga talk:) Lets see what else,... 

- We bought a 'big boy bed' for John and now it's just sitting there in pieces and I have to put it together, but he's really excited and has been asking every day since it came when we can set it up. 
- Richard and I moved the picnic table onto the back porch, and we've been eating lots of meals out there. I also collected all my painting supplies and am ready to move my easel onto the porch as well. I painted out there a lot last Fall and it was so serene and peaceful.   
- We're making final plans to go on our big Summer road trip here shortly. We're not too sure of the itinerary (as I said to relieve pressure on ourselves, and also because we just love spontaneity), but we're going all the way across the states to visit Richard's family and to see lots of sites along the way. I've gone on many a road trip with these kids and growing up in a big family that was always on the road seemingly, I've picked up a lot of tricks and things that I'm excited about incorporating. Richard has taken on all the hard planning and logistics, and I'm just thinking about things like how I can make pizza over a campfire in the woods.haha
- Working on the gallery wall still. Thank you for all the helpful tips on Instagram!
- Digging through so many of my recipes books and wanting to cook all of the things, it's a problem. But I've been thinking about making some sort of goal in the future sometimes about cooking something new each week and then sharing it here with a little review for you guys on the recipe and the book. What do you think? 

To-dos and goals for the week:
- finish collecting all the camping gear
- buy the kids some water shoes
- keep juicing every day
- finish mending my shirts
- make a fruit smoothie out of that old tropical fruit blend in the freezer
- sort another box or two in the garage
- bag up the kids winter coats and store them in the basement
- go to the gym more
- find some proper hiking boots
- do more for other people
- have a couple naps
- clarify the clothes system better for Lydia
- try those foam curlers with all the girls sometimes
- catch up with some old friends
- take more family video
- sing out loud more
- take the load in the truck to D.I. 
- lots of deep breaths, always deep breaths

A few facts:
  • I heard somewhere that 'silence is golden, unless you're a mom, then silence is a very very bad sign'. That's become very true in our house this week. We can't believe sometimes what we find out has been going on behind our backs.haha
  • I've actually been hearing from a lot of you young girls out there who are struggling with feeling like you're good enough for those around you, that bullies pick you apart, and leave you feeling like no matter how hard you try they're never satisfied. I have a lot to say about that and I love writing one on one with you guys, but in general, I want to say that the people who are the most difficult to please are always the people least worth pleasing. They're also the people that will never be happy no matter what you do, so forget them:)
  • A sweet mother of two girls and a great friend just had her first little boy and is letting me shoot some pictures of him tomorrow, and I can't wait! It's been ages since I've held a newborn and they just have such a magic about them. Maybe I'll have to share one if she's okay with it:)

Something to take away:
(thank you for those that kindly brought my attention to the situation behind the original quote.)
You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.
- Sophia Bush

What is something you enjoyed last week, or something you're looking forward to next week? 
See you later friends!


  1. I keep reading your posts here and there and I have to tell you how calming your blog is <3 thanks for that. Love from Poland!

  2. I've been stuggling with anxiety this few years, and now I'm just step by step, piece by piece, make myself together again, and Yoga and Running is been a help ( I would love to have more definition on my muscles like you but I just don't like to be on the gym sitting on those machines). And like you, I want to make a part of my daily routine. I'm still strugling with the time, yet I'm not gonna give up. And I hope this summer to make a roadtrip along Portugal with my boyfriend, to show him a little bit of the places that are on my memory and discover new ones :)

  3. This week I enjoyed being with family we hardly ever see and watching my almost 2-year-old daughter play and just be awesome. Looking forward to but also dreading my husband starting a new job next week that will have him gone twice as much as he was (he was doing massage therapy so he had a super loose schedule).
    Are you coming all the way to New England? I'm in Connecticut and would love to meet you guys! Sounds like you'll have a super summer. Thanks for continuing to share your sweet family with all of us.

  4. Tomorrow, my fiance and I have a flower consultation and work on our wedding registry. Our wedding date is September 16, just a few months away. There is still so much to do but I'm trying to remain calm amidst the chaos. I'm also scheduling some job interviews and trying to enjoy the unforseen circumstances I've found myself in with a heaping dose of sunshine and water. Maybe I'll climb my own mountains of laundry, too.

    Here's to achieving our goals!

  5. We are looking forward to a trip to Idaho where my hubby grew up!

  6. Although I understand the meaning behind the quote and its intention, I hope you have been made aware about the fact that more than 40 women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and rape. I believe the atrocities he committed throughout his career warrant him a person unworthy of being quoted. Instead, it is important to remember him for who he really was: a sexist, misogynistic, predator who took advantage of his position to drug and rape dozens of women. I absolutely enjoy your blog, but as a counselor who works specifically with women who are victims of sexual assault, I felt it extremely important to give you a heads up about this man's life. Thank you for listening. :)

  7. Not sure where Richard's family is, but there a ton of great national parks and NPS properties in the Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana area. I loved visiting those on road trips as a kid.