Wednesday, November 30

find your gift

Morning friends:) Do I need to specify that 'it's Emily' now that Richard and I are going back and forth a bit on here? haha Right now I'm sitting in my 'dungeon office' (as I've dubbed it) wrapped in a blanket at my desk. My fingers feel pretty numb as I'm clicking away, but there's a little space heater on the floor pointed at my feet, and I have a little plate of warm apple pie here with me too, so I'm doin alright:)
Well since it's the first day of December (how?!), my mind is moving pretty fast over my mental list of the things I need/want to get done this month. I'm never too hard on myself anymore when I don't get more than one or two(if I'm lucky) things accomplished on that overwhelmingly long list, but instead I try to feel glad that I at least gave it a shot. That's the most important thing right? Because little by little, a little becomes a lot:) I'm just really excited about a fresh new calendar, a clean slate, new chances, new routines, etc. But back to December, and yes Christmas!

I mentioned on IG a few days ago that since the holidays started especially, we've been putting extra effort into daily acts of gratitude with the kids, and also paying it forward and giving back as much as possible. We've talked about different ways we can do service and charity work as a family for our friends and in our community, and to help the kids catch the spirit of giving for Christmas instead of receiving, especially after how much we've been carried by so many for so long. We've talked about possible ways that we can use our own unique talents and resources to give and share and bring help and happiness to others. 
As for actual gift giving, we've decided to simplify as much as possible this year. I've already sat down with the older kids and helped them plan out an idea of what things they could maybe make by hand to give to each other, and Richard and I have talked about what type of gifts might be more meaningful or special than others. Even with starting early on preparing, Thanksgiving day was much harder than I expected, so it feels good to be slowly moving towards Christmas, spreading things out and taking our time to work through every new layer of the holidays. 

I also decided for the blog, that once again I won't be sharing any item collages with affiliate links or 'his and her gift guides' throughout the month, but instead I would like to reach out to a few of my favorite shops and see if I can get you guys discount codes (or possibly even giveaways?) for some of my all-time favorite, tried and true, most loved and used things that I own and would absolutely recommend for yourselves or as gifts. The first on that list that I'm really excited about is Daniel Wellington. 
I bought my first watch from them a couple years ago, and have loved and supported them as a company ever since! In these photos I'm wearing the womens Classic Durham in gold, and Richard is wearing the mens Classic Black Reading in silver. All of their watches are simple, classic, and timeless (no pun intended), and would make such a wonderful gift for anyone at the top of your Christmas list this year. Right now for the holidays they're offering discounts on bundles such as a watch and a strap or a watch and a cuff, they're also offering free shipping, free gift wrapping, and free returns! On top of the bundle discount you can use the code: FRECKLEDFOX which will save you another 15% off your purchase:)

Thanks so much for reading, and I'd love to hear if you're getting a jump on your Christmas shopping too, or any favorite holiday traditions that you have in your family?

Happy Holidays my people,

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.  -David Viscott
A big thank you to Daniel Wellington for sponsoring this post, and to my readers for supporting the brand partnerships that make this blog possible. 


  1. Hi beauty you looks perfect and lovely child and husband

  2. You look so lovely Emily! Thanks for sharing a gift idea!! Love the watch, looks so simple and cute!!

  3. Love the Watch! Perfect for everyday! and Love your coat- Where did you get it?