Monday, February 15

What I Wore // the last of the snow

I'm currently in the office with a top-knot and no makeup, and despite what these chilly pictures from last week may convey, today was actually the warmest weather we've had since the Fall! It was just around 60 degrees and sunny as heck.
I had some of my sweet family visiting and we got to spend a few hours together in the morning, and then after putting my babies down to nap, Marty and I took the kids out to the yard and soaked up some vitamin D. It felt wonderful.

I need the sunshine, the warmth, to drag me out of my dark cave both mentally and physically. Our yard is one of the best things about our new home, and we've all missed it so much! So here's to many more days spent on the swings and playing tag in the pasture, becaue Spring might just be here to stay:)

 || Coat - you've seen this old f21 coat so many times on my blog before, but because I couldn't find it on the site I searched for near exact copies and found THIS and THIS (EDIT: Ash from Sed Bona has the same coat and helped me find it on the site, so here it is! my favorite:))
 || Dress - this color is out of stock now but I have it in all three colors for Spring as well! so much love)
 || Purse - I've been using little crossbody bags a ton lately, and though this one is out of stock, THIS and THIS are really similar
 || Tights - these are so sturdy for how inexpensive they are, I don't wear any other tights these days 
 || Heels - I've had these my wishlist for over a year, and I wear them all the time now!)

P.S.  Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you have any traditions you'd like to share?


  1. Hope you and your lovely family are doing well, Emily. :)

  2. Such a cute look! I love those shoes!! I hope you, your husband and family are doing well!


  3. Looking so beautiful and classy!!

  4. Love your jacket and hair style!

  5. Hope you're all doing well. Keeping you in my thoughts!

    On a side note: Can you do a fitness post, how you stay in shape when you're so busy?

  6. Such a beautiful look. I love the coat! xo

    Telina | Love, Telina

  7. Beautiful as always! Did you include a link to those gorgeous heels because I couldn't spot it and I'd love to check them out. Thanks in advance :)!

  8. Nvm my older comment. The widget wasn't displaying on my bloglovin but I just saw them. Hehe thanks!!

  9. I love the look and your hair is awesome!!!


  10. So beautiful! That's a great outfit, that dress looks likes it's perfect. Hope your family it's ok!

  11. Ok I just discovered your blog and am in love (no doubt you hear that often)!

    But it wasn't until this post that I got REALLY excited. See I have the same coat. And every since I bought it last winter I've been rotating it on the blog nonstop. I just posted an outfit in it TODAY talking about how much I love it:

    Easily one of the best Forever 21 purchases I've made!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. Oh my goodness- thank you so much! I searched everywhere for this coat on the site but had no luck since I bought it like two years ago I just assumed that it wasn't around anymore, but isn't it so great?! That's such a funny coincidence:)

      LOVE your blog by the way, and thank you so so much for reading and commenting Ashley!