Sunday, February 14

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

This is how we do Valentine's day around here:) Yes it's a treat to get all done up and go out on the town if you can, but really our favorite thing in the world anyways is lounging at home in our sweats just talking, reading to each other or cooking together with the kids or while they nap or play. Pluses include:
- slow dancing
- bare feet
- no waiting in line
- no PDA limits ;)
- and it's free!

I hope that you had a little extra love in your life today, and thank you so much for being here! As cheesy as it may sound I really love you guys a lot, and I'm so so grateful every day for all the love and support and encouragement you give me:)

Here's to a brand new week tomorrow!


  1. You guys are the cutest

  2. So gorgeous. I completely agree on the snuggling at home. Haha Happy Valentine's Day to you xx

  3. Beautiful and good! Warm fuzzies over all your sweet romantic goodness.

  4. Precious - that's my favorite kind of night as well!

  5. Beautiful photos. Lounging around at home sounds perfect to me!

  6. lounging' with the man is good enough for me!!!!