Sunday, February 7

Weekend Wrap-up

THIS WEEK: was mostly spent doing housework, zipping up coats, preheating the oven, wiping little noses, braiding hair, taking temperatures, listening to old Coldplay, and clinging to my pillow as little hands tug excitedly on my foot each morning. Mentally I've been telling myself that Martin's about to leave again for his treatment program and that everything is going to go smoothly with the family while he's gone. In reality, it doesn't help my anxiety much.haha I've hidden a bit from the blog and social media this week, for the most part again because of the flu and cold bugs making their way through the whole family, but also, because whenever I want to cover over reality a bit I tend to just tuck into myself and turn into a hermit. Turning off the screens and getting into a quiet mindless rhythm of mommyhood. It feels good in the moment, but once I sort of wake up again I usually wish I hadn't checked out for so long.

Every time I sit down to blog I imagine that I'm writing to a great friend about what we've been up to lately, and then I think about how much I have to catch that friend up and I feel tired and deflated, so I just turn to emails and other deadlines. The longer I wait, of course, the more I have to catch up later. It's a vicious cycle:) I think I just really need it to be Spring. The cold weather has been a really great excuse to lock the doors and huddle up, but we all have cabin fever over here, and we need the sunshine on our faces again. My poor little babies need to run and yell and get dirty without having their tiny hands going numb with the bitter cold. Here's to warmer weather scheduled for this week! :)

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- make sure Ellie gets her valentines ready for school
- send Martin off safely
- keep up with the laundry folding
- try making a new recipe
- film a family vlog
- publish a new post every day
- write with more open-ness
- write down a photo goal for the family
- load up the firewood
- keep chipping away at my over-loaded inbox
- get in touch with some friends
- teach Ellie how to crochet
- sing out loud
- do something anonymous to make someone happy

- I can't wait to sleep with the window open at night again, for iced drinks in the shade, to hear the laughter echo across the pasture while they play, for the sunshine on my face, for the smell of fresh cut grass.
- Struggling with self-doubt on the daily can be such a crippling thing. I feel like I am constantly standing in my own way, and I think back on our life a year ago and how much potential we really had and didn't even know it. It's amazing what we're capable of when our mind is clear and unclouded.
- I'm making a very conscious effort to type more straightforward from here on out. To just let my mind guide my fingers in the moment, and not erasing the paragraphs that maybe aren't as positive as the others. I've been trying to figure out how to share happy posts one day and 'real talk' posts the next (since that's my life currently) without giving everyone whip-lash, but I just think I need to stop worrying about that and publish whatever comes out. Sound okay to you? haha

Keep your face to the sun, and you will never see shadows.
                            - Helen Keller

How has February been treating you?? Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. I'm all about uncensored real-life posts. Life can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Let it all out.

  2. I think hearing about your struggles would be very popular with blog readers. One of my pet peeves of any blog is this sort of dreamland existence when others struggle so much. Every struggle is different. I think it would help people to know they are not alone and there is nothing wrong with their lives. I know that any advice online about blogging tells you not to be negative but positive. I think everything has it's place. Don't be afraid to share! Good luck and Best Wishes for you and your family. From V. Christine @

  3. I seriously admire your strength and the way you carry yourself. I am a huge fan of your blog and your beautiful family and have been following along for a while now. Sending you lots and lots of love, hugs and prayers. Keep on being awesome <3

  4. Just post whatever is going on. WE love the honesty and some day you are going to look back and be grateful for the time you are in and things we take for granted like healthy.

  5. Don't beat yourself up so much! And remember that while you like this to be your positive space, at the end of the day this is your life, and we are here no matter what you post. I'll try to send some prayers up your way this week that Martin travels safely, the adjustment for you isn't too bad, and that his healing has continued. <3

  6. Hi Emily!!

    Thank you for being so honest. I agree with everyone else here that being your honest authentic self is so much more appealing for us readers who long to see that we are not along in our everyday struggles!

    I have been wanting to is Martin's health? I would love an update on him and how he is responding to the treatments. I have been thinking and praying for you and your family! <3

  7. I am the same with blogging lately. No big problems, just morning sickness and some other issues that are complicated to keep up with. Even though I feel like writing about real life is more interesting, it still takes energy.

  8. Your family is so beautiful!

    I like to sing out loud too but my dog doesn't like :\

  9. I love following your family and think of you often! Know I'm praying for you.

  10. You are wonderful. I LOVE the real posts. Courage today.

  11. Sleeping with the window open can't get here sooner!! Roll on Spring! Katie x

  12. I think you should write exactly what you feel like because I'm sure we'll enjoy reading whatever it is. You have a beautiful family and you should keep hope!

  13. Wishing you guys all the best! I'm sure your readers would love to read uncensored posts but I understand how hard it can be to be an open book like that, especially with all you guys have been going through.

  14. I love to take a peek at your blog during my lunch break at work. I hear what you are saying and ups and downs and I think we can put ourselves under too much pressure to be positive all the time so please don't do it on our account. Authentic is good and allows us to appreciate what we have and feel care and concern for you and your beautiful family.

  15. You have so much on your plate! Do you feel that your weekly to-do list is more chore or more "want tos?" I find that if I have too many chores, it actually makes it harder for me to feel like I've accomplished anything and then I feel more reclusive. It's admirable that you want to do all of those things this week, but if I did half of that list, I'd feel like a winner! Don't pressure yourself too much.