Monday, February 22

30 ways to show love

Happy new week and all that dears:) The meaning of the word 'Love' has really evolved over the years for me-as I'm sure it does for everyone, and though every little 'I love you' tossed around in our house is very meaningful and needed, it's been extra important this past year for us to show our love in as many ways as possible. So, here is a little list of ideas for showing love and gratitude to your significant other: 
photo Feb '15 by Ashlee Brooke Photography  ||  hair by Emma's parlour  ||  makeup by Jessica Marie
  1. Pick them up some flowers or their favorite beverage or treat randomly. Surprise them.
  2. Really listen to them when they're talking. Put your phone far away.
  3. Learn to care about something they care a lot about.
  4. Sit next to them as often as possible. At the dinner table, on the couch, in the restaurant booth, etc.
  5. Keep a running list on your phone of things they express great interest in or say they want. It makes for amazing holidays (or just because moments) when you have that kind of for-thought.
  6. Sincerely express your thanks for things they do for you. 
  7. Brag about them when they can hear. Show them you're proud of them.
  8. Get up with the kids (if you have them) and whisk them away so he/she can sleep in.
  9. Get yourself ready just to be at home with them. Do your hair, or spray on their favorite scent, etc.
  10. Do something around the house that is normally only their 'job' or chore.
  11. Hold their hand as often as possible. In the car, in the store, at the table, etc.
  12. Send them off unexpectedly to get a massage or a pedicure, or some other type of special treat.
  13. Be the first to apologize. 
  14. If you can, set up a babysitter for a standing weekly date-night.
  15. Stick up for his choices and actions to others, especially family and friends.
  16. Give them that perfect bite of your steak or your piece of pie, the first spoonful of your shake:)
  17. Ask them about their dreams and desires. Dig deep and really pay attention
  18. Backrubs and foot rubs are always a good idea.
  19. Play the newlywed game. Find lists of questions online and learn more about one another.
  20. Sit and talk with or help them while they do a chore, cook a dish, change a tire, etc. 
  21. Smile at them whenever you catch their eye. 
  22. Get their car detailed.
  23. Grab their hand and pull them into a slow dance. In the kitchen is always romantic:)
  24. Make something meaningful for them such as a photo book, a framed letter, a special mix CD, etc.
  25. Send them texts randomly through the day saying sweet, funny, or encouraging things. 
  26. Pick old photos from the beginning of your relationship and recreate them as best you can.
  27. Tell them about the moment you knew they had won your heart.
  28. Put their needs ahead of your own as often as you can manage it.
  29. Leave little notes in places they'll find them. Sticky notes in the car, lipstick on the mirror, etc.
  30. Randomly share with them traits or talents of theirs that you adore.

What are some of your favorite ways to show you love, or maybe something they do for you?
Thanks so much for clicking over today, and I hope to see you back tomorrow.


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    1. These posts are always things I'm still working on, and as soon as it's on the blog I can keep track and feel like I have accountability or something.haha

      Thanks for visiting!!

  2. Such a beautiful and thoughtful post, my boyfriend and i have been together 5 years, we always make time to dance in our kitchen with our french bulldog ;-) Being on social media means I can forget to put my phone away when it's important, thanks for the reminder!


    1. I love how this list focuses on intentionally showing love. So many of them can be incorporated throughout the day with just a little extra effort. Asking "how can I best help you today" is a big one in our house. Thanks for sharing!

    2. I'm so glad to hear that, and I can totally picture and love the scene with your bulldog! So cute:) Thank you so much for visiting and commenting<3

  3. This is so cute!! And some of them not only for your significant other but for anyone you love, sometimes we just forget to show others that we care about them and a reminder is always super nice.

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    1. You're so welcome! I'm so glad you visited:)

  5. I love this post. We do a lot of them for eachother every day.

  6. Such a thoughtful list - Thanks for sharing!

    I think being online so much gets us distracted, to the point that at the end of the day we spent 2 hours scrolling Twitter when we could have been properly hanging out!

    K x

  7. Beautiful post and dress, mind sharing where it's from/brand?