Wednesday, July 29

What We Wore // floral tops and a bit on dating

Happy Wednesday guys:) Every time I mention going on weekly dates with my hubby, I always gets loads of you asking how we manage it- which is a totally understandable question, but with such a simple answer I figured I'd just get that out of the way here: We use baby-sitters!
We made a goal when we got married that we would try to go on a date every week. Pretty lofty! But something that my parents did that I thought made awesome sense. Sometimes we can manage it for a few weeks in a row, sometimes we'll go a few months without an 'official' date. But we feel like paying a baby-sitter is small price to have a few hours alone together whether it's going out for a nice meal or movie, or simply going for a walk or to the grocery store (which lets face it is what we usually end up doing:)).

With so many small kids, you can bet that it took us a long time to find someone that we felt comfortable leaving them with for any length of time. Eventually we tried using the sweet oldest teenage daughter of some of our good friends, and she was wonderful! She brings one of her other sisters with her to help out, and the kids are always so excited to see them. She knows their routines and needs by heart, and it works out great for us.
Emily - 
rue 21 blouse - thrifted

Martin - 
h&m shirt (out of stock, simi here and here)
black watch - gift 
guess shoes (out of stock, similar here and here)

So! I know that going on dates on a regular basis when you're parents may not be totally doable depending on your situation, but maybe by 'shopping around' for baby-sitters or swapping with friends it could become a bit more manageable. We'd highly reccommend it for sure:) We love being parents more than anything of course, but there's nothing better to strengthen our relationship and get us on the same page (which ultimately leads to better parenting) than by having some quiet time together as often as we can get it. The end.haha

Out of curiosity, what's your favorite type of date? Have a great rest of your week!


  1. You guys look so good! Such a beautiful couple.

  2. I think it's good to go on dates regularly simply to be in the habit. When it doesn't happen often, it's like we've forgotten what a date is for! I'm so used to multi-tasking that it's hard to just focus on being on a date. Shopping dates tend to be a little stressful, so I prefer a lunch date, going for a walk, or an interesting cultural event (film or exhibit) that will generate some discussion.

  3. I just did a what I wore on Wednesday too, great minds think alike ;) Today we took the day off work while the kids were at pre-school (which was already a day paid for) and took a day date! We try doing this once a month since they boys are already in school so it's kinda of like a pre-paid babysitter! Dating is SO important to keep your relationship alive! So glad you are able to sneak away and cherish the important times together with everything going on! XX

  4. I love that top!! Our dates are usually at a thrift store, but we both enjoy it, so that's ok. When our kids were little, we would put them to bed and just have 'couch dates': sit and watch tv together or plan house projects together. Those were my favourite, actually...I look back at those very fondly :)

  5. This is so sweet. :) I love these photos. My husband and I like any date that takes us somewhere new. Sometimes that is a weekend trip to a nearby city, sometimes it is a concert in our nearest metro. Or trying some new restaurants in town. But a lot of times, it's cuddling up on the couch with a DVD and some popcorn. Especially after a month full of traveling and chaos... staying home is really good! :) So great that you two have someone you trust to take care of all of your littles. :) XO -Alexandra

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  6. Awww, I love how you two make your relationship such a priority. It is truly refreshing. We try to get out a least once a month, but sometimes I feel guilty. I guess it is because I work out of the home and feel our time with them is somewhat limited. But I'm trying to enjoy quality over quantity. Thanks for sharing...

  7. You guys are such a beautiful couple! I love your date night ritual, we love date nights! Your hair looks gorgeous! Did you do anything special to achieve that curl? Products?

  8. I am always floored by how beautiful your hair is. You are my "mom with long hair" inspiration! Everyone told me when I was pregnant that I would want to chop all my hair off, but I'm just a long hair person and I couldn't even imagine that!

  9. you look so pretty!! xxo

  10. That floral blouse is gorgeous. You look stunning.

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  11. Omg! Y'all are flipping adorable. Such a cute couple! xoxo.