Saturday, March 7

Last week didn't count

This last week and a half was mostly comprised of a family-wide sinus infection, bronchitis, ear infection, migraines, suspected viral conjunctivitis, constant oil diffusing, allergies, nightmares, doctors visits, carts full of medicine, sleepless nights, labored breathing, endless cough drops (sometimes four at once), the saddest little hoarse cries, nausea, late-night prescription runs, 3am relentless baby kicks, bad weather, overwhelming deadlines, and taxes. haha
Martin's also been working hard at preparing mentally and physically through all of this for his body-building competition next weekend , and I had a very anti-climactic ending to my first #whole30 by drinking a cup of hot chocolate that I couldn't even taste:( All in all this has definitely been the most trying week in a long long time, and I'm declaring a do-over.haha

On the brighter side I have been able to do a bit of sewing, the sun is shining through the sheer curtains promising a beautiful day, we were able to snag a bunch of grenery and flowers on sale to add some Spring to the house, and even though I still can't breath or keep from coughing, several of the kids are showing signs of overcoming this 'black plague' as we've dubbed it, so that's a big big blessing.

Anyway's here's to looking forward to a new week, to fresh starts and fresh goals, to modern medicine and natural remedies alike, and to finally being able to sit at my computer and catch up a bit on emails and things. Thanks for hanging around through last week, and I hope we all have a great one ahead!
Talk soon,
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  1. Ugg! I hate when our family gets sick! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Either my son or I (or both) have been sick for the last 5 weeks solid. It's been awful. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. Oh wow, it sounds like you have a really rough week! Hopefully the upcoming week is much better :) x


  4. Oh no! Being sick is the worst, especially when the whole house gets it! Lots of get well vibes coming your way right now!

    ♥ Ems

  5. Aw hope you and your whole family recovers rapidly but your bright take on the bad situation is warming!
    An Unblurred Lady

  6. Wishing you and the family a speedy recovery! Here we have 70cm snow again ... And it's 8th March! And Happy mother's day :) Be safe! <3

  7. That sounds awful! It's not true that it "didn't count," the very least your unborn baby did a LOT of growing in one week. :) I love that photo you posted.

  8. Urrrrrgh those sorts of weeks are indeed best forgotten, but hopefully this one will bring more brightness and taste!! Give that hot chocolate another try, and some nice fresh flowers! Katie x

  9. Awwwwwww hope You'll get better soon! Poor little kiddies it's the worst thing to hear kids crying from sickness just tears My heart out! And You and the itty bitty baby need rest as well!! Hope all goes well and forget the actual timeline, I think You should go for that do-over haha!

    The Chronic Dreamer

  10. Just found your blog,
    love it

  11. Positive vibes you all are on the up and out! We were also hit with the black plauge however it was every single male in my house and not me. Meaning I was taking care of all 3 boys and in turn now I feel run down and they are all fine and dandy now!

    Chelsea | East Willow Grove

  12. Yay for reframing seemingly bad situations! Love it! Always look for the lesson :)