Thursday, February 26

The Simple Half-up Crown | with Freckled Italian

Happy weekend friends:) I'm here with a special post for you guys today-a really simple and lovely hairstyle! Today's tutorial is extra special though because I'm featuring my beautiful and incredibly sweet blogger friend Megan from Freckled Italian!
I was so excited about getting together with Megan to shoot this hairstyle for you guys. We wanted to go with something beautiful and elegant but at the same time effortless and easy, and we love how it turned out! I get requests all the time for versatile tutorials for 'shorter' or more medium length hair, and you can see how easy it'd be to keep this one sleek and tidy for an evening, or tug out some flyaway's and add texture for a day at the beach!haha Okay getting on with the tutorial:

Tools & Supplies:
 // Straight teasing comb
 // 2 mini rubber bands 
 // Hairspray
Steps 1-3: Begin by combing your hair back with your fingers, and creating an imaginary parting down the middle of your head. Take a two-inch section from the top of the left side, and smooth it out into three separate sections. Begin your left lace-braid by only adding in hair from the left side into the braid, and not adding it to both sides as you would with a french braid.
Steps 4-6: Keep braiding around to the back, making sure to keep your hair smooth as you add more hair from the left into each rotation of the braid (but not from the right! :)). Once you're past the ear, stop adding more hair in and simply complete the braid, tying off at the end. Tug the hair out gently from both sides to create a fuller look, and repeat on the other side!
Steps 7-9: Now you're going to tease your crown for a little lift and volume by taking a two-inch section of hair from the top-middle of your head and tease the base of it gently with your comb. Repeat this with another section, and another if you wish, just be gently and never use force on your poor hair.haha Smooth it over and push the middle up a bit before pinning it in place, than criss-crossing the braids over the middle and pinning those in place as well! 

Once you've sprayed it down with a bit of hairspray, you can check it in the mirror and give yourself a little fist-pump before heading out the door.haha
Well that's it for today, and I hope you love this style! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one in particular or any other comments or requests you may have, and also before you go don't forget to click the image to go check out Megan's blog and tell her hi from me!
Megan Flynn Peterson is the blogger behind Freckled Italian, a lifestyle blog that focuses on food, friendship, love, and the ins and outs of daily life. She lives with her husband in Charlotte, North Carolina where she reads, drinks coffee, and struggles to keep the house clean.
All photo credit for this tutorial goes to the lovely - Emily's such a sweetheart, and her photos are stunning as you can see! xoxo

I hope you have a great rest of your week, and I'll see you back here soon!
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  1. This is so beautiful. U make it seem effortless, but Im not that handy. Will try though!

  2. That is so gorgeous


  3. I had so much fun doing this with you! I forgot to tell you that someone stopped me in the elevator that night to take a picture of my head, haha! It looked so good.

  4. Hairstyles with braids always look so stunning <3

  5. So cute!! I whish I could do it to myself haha

  6. Love it! So pretty!


  7. Looks great!

    Please check out my blog! :)

  8. I wore this to work today, and I've already had a few compliments! Best part, it took all of 5 minutes, super easy after the gym!

  9. Beautiful, I wish I could do that with my hair. My hair is so thin though. Hugs PS I miss your visits to Katherines Corner

  10. Such a beautiful hairstyle. I love that its half up with braids, so elegant.