Monday, March 23

Glam vs. Casual | How to Style 1 Swimsuit 2 Ways!

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Hey guys! Today's post was really fun to put together (once I got over being pregnant and pale:)) because we have been having ah-mazing weather in the mid 70's here lately, so swimsuit season really is upon us! One thing I thought would be really useful is to share a few ideas for styling one suit two opposite ways, so here we go!
As a short disclaimer, as I said I'm simply sharing a few ideas for you to think about when adding to your wardrobe or putting outfits together this season, I'm not sharing any rules or regulations as far as dressing up or dressing down your swim-suits! :)

Choosing the suit - So to start with obviously we should talk about the suit. Since I hardly ever wear just a suit by itself when going to the beach or the lake, when I'm choosing one to buy I usually like to go with solid colors so that no matter what I pair it with, the patterns won't clash, but not everyone knows what they're looking for! Grabbing a friend or two to take suit-shopping at Target with you can be a great way to get some helpful opinions when you're stuck trying to decide between about 15 different bikinis in the Target dressing room (true story).haha But who can blame me when they have SO many cute styles and colors! It just makes me happy to stand in the suit section and take it all in.haha Okay moving on:
Going Glamorous Vs. Keeping it Casual

Step #1: Thinking through your occasion - 
Glam | If you're going to the beach or to the boardwalk with friends, maybe on a date on a boat, etc, you may want to look the part without actually having any plans to get wet. This is where my glamorous look comes in! Feel free to add some curls or a tidy up-do, and maybe even add a bold bright lip!
Casual | Since most of the time I'm swimming or at the pool/lake/beach, I'm with my family, and I need to be okay with potentially getting my clothes dirty or wet. Mostly I'm just looking for comfort and ease over anything else, but that doesn't mean that I can't still feel cute! Pick hairstyles that aren't too time consuming or put-together, and make sure to keep your makeup waterproof if you go with any at all:)
Step #2: Tops and cover-ups -
Glam | For a more glam look, stick with lighter colors and fabrics that have a more expensive feel to them. Look for details like lace and beading, metallics, animal prints, and don't forget that glamorous doesn't always mean feminine, but it does mean fancier! Also, choosing a solid color for either your top or your bottoms again assures that you can choose any print you'd like for the other piece and you won't clash.
Casual | For a comfy casual look, think more along the lines of tom-boy versus feminine and go with pieces like open vests, cut-off shirts, crochet tops, or loose-fitted T's. Also again with the textures, choosing items with harder, rougher touches like leather or studs, patches, etc can really give your outfit a very easy going dressed-down look.

Step #3: Bottoms - 
Glam | When picking out shorts or a skirt, etc to go with your outfit, again it's all in the details! Say yes to things like lace, flowers, ruffles, and chic clean lines, and put down anything with holes or ragged fringe. I love that with these floral print shorts I can pair them with any color of top and I can have a really cohesive outfit.
Casual | This is where the holes and ragged edges come in! Anything with faded patterns or roughed-up patches gives ease and effortlessness to any outfit. Also don't think that you have to stick to shorts to keep it casual! You can definitely add a dress, maxi or skater skirt, or favorite pair of palazzo pants to your outfit as long as you keep rustic and bohemian textures and patterns in mind.
Step #4: Footwear - 
Glam | These sandals I'm wearing are both lace and white which makes them very 'sweet' in my eyes, and perfect for this outfit, but any sandals (or even some strappy wedges!) in your closet that are metallic, have tidy stitching or maybe some jewels on the straps will work just fine:)
Casual | Who needs footwear when you're in the water?? haha As you can see here I'm totally barefoot for my casual outfit, but I was wearing simple flip-flops on the day:) Also any pair of old converse or sneakers would be great, roughed-up birkenstocks or gladiator sandals, again keeping in mind that you may get them muddy or dirty will help you choose what would look best with your outfit:)
Step #5: Accessories - 
Glam | Remembering the 'guidelines' we've already gone over, feel free to add a large-brimmed or floppy hat, some gold-rimmed sunglasses, a couple pieces of matching jewelry, and an over sized tote-bag.
Casual | For the casual version, maybe pick a panama or baseball hat, some sturdy aviators, a bit of strappy leather jewelry, and a basket-weave tote-bag or one with fringe to complete your casual look. And you're all good to go!

Casual look:
Target plaid shirt, c/o (not online, but similar here)
Target jean shorts, c/o (not online but similar here, and here)

Glamorous look: 

Do you have any tips to share with the rest of us? Anything come in mind from a past vacation? Help a sister out! haha Also thanks for stopping by as usual and for putting up with my bare belly shots today.haha I hope you have a great rest of your new week!
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  1. This is such a cute post! I love both ways that you styled the suit, which by the way is fabulous on its own with that back! :)


  2. You are such a beauty and I really like the way how you have styled both outfits!

  3. Both glam and casual looks are fabulous! I love target swimwear, so many well priced options!
    An Unblurred Lady

  4. Are you kidding me??? I just discovered your blog tonight and I've read so many of your posts! You are absolutely beautiful and you have such a perfect family omg its so inspirational!!! You are soooo lucky to have the most breathtaking hair color ever and some of your children have it too! My mother and brother are natural redheads, I didn't get to be lucky haha!
    I am SO glad I found your blog! I cannot wait to read more!!

    Keely | Life, Love, and Exploration