Saturday, March 21

Favorite pastel heels for Spring + a big ad sale!

Hey loves! I was browsing around Amazon yesterday (origionally went on for some household staples as usual), and I ended up drooling over so many pairs of pastel heels! I've been really hit by the Spring bug this week and I ALWAYS gravitate towards staples when Spring hits... and heels, always heels.haha 
So! Here are some of my very favorites that I thought I'd share with you, and also I'm sharing a big fat discount code for my ads at the end of the post if you're interested in teaming up!
Nine West Cwercky      |      Guiseppe Zanotti      |      Nine West KiraLee      |      Badgley Mischka Pump

Calvin Klein Pump      |      Kate Spade Larisa      |      Trina Turk Lucca      |      Nine West Cronin

         Joes Jeans Pump      |      Sigerson Morrison      |      Ivanka Trump Drita      |      Vince Camuto Pump

Aren't they so perfect for Spring?! I especially love that last Vince Camuto pump, and also that Calvin Klein print and buckle are so lovely.. Anyways! I've been thinking that it's high time we do another heel giveaway soon, so maybe if you have time you can comment with your pick for an upcoming heel giveaway?!? I think that's a sneaky idea:)

Lastly, I haven't had an ad sale in forever! I always love a good excuse for doing sales, and Spring is one of the best I can think of:) So today, and for the next 24 hours or so (till 12am MST Monday morning) you can get 40%off my Large, Medium, and Small ads using the Passionfruit promo code: SPRINGTIME! 
Also if a spot says it's full, that just means that you might have to wait a little bit for your 30 days to start, but purchasing it puts you right in line for the next opening! Lastly I'll mention that we did reach 1 million monthly pageviews (dying) this year, and there are so many awesome and brand new things coming to the blog!! Let me know if you have any questions at all, and I hope you decide to join up! 

Thank you guys for reading and as always for your constant support, especially lately with the funny schedule. You're gonna be kinda bombarded wit stuff starting next week though so be prepared!
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  1. So of each please!


  2. The Nine West KiraLee is so cute! Guiseppe Zanotti is probably my next fave. I've never been a big fan of the pity shoes and I usually avoid them at all costs :)

  3. Great choices! Love the joes jeans pumps

  4. Those heels are beautiful!!! It's too bad I'd probably fall over since I'm so unstable in heels!


  5. Aw, really lovely sandals, I love them all and nude color is my FAV color as well.


  6. Love these all!

    Makes me miss the days before I started being a stay at home mom and I actually had a reason to wear them!

    Linda at Cascading Gems

  7. Sooo fun! I used to love wearing heels (particularly since my husband is 13" taller than me!), but after having a kiddo I've completely stopped cause I'm scared of falling/twisting an ankle. How do you make heels and motherhood work?

  8. The Nine West KiraLee is so cute! Guiseppe Zanotti is probably my next fave. I've never been a big fan of the pity shoes and I usually avoid them at all cost. air conditioning repair in parker