Sunday, February 8

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: Martin and I have been working hard to get ahead, and it's been so nice to feel like we're not drowning in work anymore! We started having big planning/ calendering sessions on Sunday nights after the kiddies are asleep for the week ahead, mostly so we can coordinate our weeks and set goals, and then we can check up on each other throughout the day to see how our to-do lists are going. He usually gets loads more done in a day than I do, but it's all good- I have the kids to help me with my work so there's that! haha 

Ellie has been drawing the best pictures this week, I just want to frame them all! Sophie has been managing to get so much dirt in her hair we could start a mini garden, John seems to have developed this crazy appetite for cold cereal this week and can talk about nothing else, and Lydia has successfully unrolled exactly 5 rolls of toilet paper at different times and in different locations around the house.hahaha So yeah it's been a good one!

Weekly Snapshots: 

To-do's and Goals for the Week:
- clean out the cars
- sell the old expedition
- drink my preggo tea every day!
- finish 'it starts with food'
- film more videos!
- take the kiddies swimming
- re-pot my cacti 
- keep up with instagram updates
- try eating meat again
- teach Ellie to braid
- work on Lydi's walking
- take a lush-bomb bath :):)
- do some yoga
- read to the kiddos every night
- break out the camera more
- plan the nursery!
- sort my nightstand once and for all

A Few Facts: 
  • All I want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner lately is pan-fried zuchinni with salt and pepper. the end. 
  • We haven't really had the chance to go the the theater lately, and there have been lots of movies that I really don't care to see now that they're out of theaters-is that funny?
  • this little miss has been keeping me awake the last few nights, but I'm still too happy about so much activity from her that I can't be irritated.haha

Something To Take Away:
"Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones" - via Pinterest

Thanks for stopping by, and as always I hope you have a great rest of your new week ahead!
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  1. I really enjoy these types of posts. Seeing to do lists makes me want to be more organized as a student! It's also pretty darn amazing to see you planning what some would call the "small stuff" into your week, I like that because I know I would have forgotten or tried to push things off.

  2. Lush Bomb's are the best! I ail have to add that to my to-do list. ;P

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  3. Re: the comfort zones quote -- this is so, so true. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You mus b d first person i know tht can run after four kids , be preggo, nd still b excited !! Nd find time to blog.... (nd also luk fabulous admist all tht!! :) ) im jus amazed! How do u do it??!

  5. Good to see you writing and updating again. The best kinds of posts. :)

  6. Haha Your life sounds hectic with baby fun!! And I'm all for healthy food lately and this zucchini sounds good!!!
    The Chronic Dreamer